Tale teller nomad: Raj Niranjan Das (Tales of a Nomad)

As a nomad, an Indian has to face a lot of criticism, the ‘first-you-should-settle-down’ lectures from our relatives is common, isn’t it? Yes indeed, it happens in a lot of homes because of their expectations.

The art to balance the wanderlust and taking care of things at home or any other trouble which stops you from travelling is hard. Not a child’s play. We got in touch with a nomad who gave us cues on travel and writing.

Learn tips and tricks of telling tales from Raj Niranjan Das. (Learning to tell tales can be handy in future, trust me on that!)

Tales of a Nomad

1. Hailing from the ‘Tech city’ you seem close to the nature, what pulls you out of the crowds of Bangalore and how do manage to ‘mix’ with the greens?

Travel is the best means to break away from the monotonous work. Geographically, Bangalore is ideally located, not far from the Western Ghats, Nilgiris and the Sea. With  both the mountains and the beaches at a distance of less than 350 km, it is just a few hours drive to these destinations. With numerous weekend getaways to choose from, nature is just a drive away.

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2. What is the first thing that strikes into your mind when you start writing one of your tales?

All that runs in my mind are the wonderful moments I experienced while travelling. Right from gazing at the most beautiful monument to a very casual talk with the groundnut seller. There is no particular order to this and all those memories turn into stories as I pen them down.

3. What is the best part of being a nomad?

I get a chance to learn about cultures, languages and local cuisines apart from visiting interesting places. However the best part is that ‘the road’ is my home till the end of the journey.

4. Has there been any moment when you missed writing a tale about a picture perfect moment? How did you make up for it?

I always carry a notebook and a pen while travelling. It helps me jot down all those small but incredible moments during my travel. Making a note helps me re-kindle those memories while writing the travelogue.

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5. What is on your priority check list when you travel to a place as good as a desert?

# Activities planned (It could be anything from a camel safari to dune bashing)

#The right attire- anything light. But evenings can get cold in the deserts and hence I always carry a jacket.

# Shades to survive the glaring sun.

# Enough drinking water

6. How do you plan your trips and the budget?

Destination is first in the list while planning a trip. The mode of transport comes next and finally the accommodation. However, I consume maximum time in creating my itinerary, making sure I have enough time to cover places. I prefer budget/solo travelling as this helps me in taking quick decisions with minimal expenses.

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7. It is day one in your trip to a place close to the nature, how do you spend your day?

Soak in the environment. Do not plan any itinerary. Keep the day to stroll around, smell the nature and enjoy the scenery that mother earth offers.

8. Your do’s and don’t s in a solo trek?

Make sure you have studied the trek route/path well. Carry enough drinking water and wear the right footwear with a good grip. Do not carry a heavy backpack as this can considerably reduce your pace and make you tired.

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