Kasol, India’s own Amsterdam

Himachal has always been a warm and a cold host in the summers. This time it’s calling for Kasol, a small hill station located in the Parvati valley. Kasol, in Himachal Pradesh is a favorite tourist destination, especially for those arriving from Israel. With a sizeable Israeli population, most of the signboards outside restaurants and cafes are in Hebrew and this place is also known as Mini Israel. Frequented by tourists and hippies, Kasol has everything from Reggae Bars to Internet Cafes and cheap guest-houses.

Kasol Himachal Pradesh
Photo by Marina Makhova
Parvati River Kasol
Parvati River in Kasol | Photo by i.Siddharth

Spread out along the Parvati river with mountains on it’s side, Hippies all around and adventure in sight, Kasol is also popularly known as “Amsterdam of India”. Despite the great hustle and bustle Kasol has been able to maintain an ambience lustful enough for visitors. The village has a peaceful aura about it. Tourists can go for river rafting, trout fishing, trekking or just choose to relax and chill in the lap of nature.

The nearest airport base is Bhuntar. Kasol actually lies somewhere between Bhuntar and Manikaran and is approximately 40 kilometres east of Kullu at an elevation of 1640 metres. Old Kasol and New Kasol are the fragmented parts that make up Kasol as one. With two foreign destinations at one place, the Kasol-craze among the tourists is growing. Thus Kasol has now turned into a hub for travel-bugs and backpackers.

Though, the scenic beauty is enough to give you a high, this place is also popular for the finest quality charas that is produced here. This explains the rush, huh?

Kasol Hippie Traveler

There are no “Places to see in Kasol” as such but there’s a lot more to experience. Rashol, about 4 kms from Kasol and a is a four-hour trek which is worth taking. The saying, ‘more than the destination, it’s the journey’ holds true for this 4 hour trek. There are some cheap guesthouses available is Rashol. Those looking for solitude can take the remote road from Katagla to Chowki. Other possible treks are towards SarPass, YankerPass, Pin Parbati Pass and Khirganga.

Kasol is not only about the scenic valleys or the small hush-bush population but the serenity, the piousness of the untouched hills. So, this summer, get yourself drenched in the Kasol-ian sun and  adventure lying hidden amidst the picturesque valleys and mountains.

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