Dine fine, and spend from dollars to dime in Delhi : Restaurants in Delhi (Part 1)

Delhi, the national capital of India has been long occupied by several reigns, serving as their capital. Along with the ‘rules’, came the thumb rule too. The rule of eating. The rule of food. The thumb rule of this ‘shehar nahi mehfil hai’ (not a city, it’s a gathering) is to feast favourably at the fare!

We guide you through the menu in parts one and two.

You know when it’s crème de la crème!

fine dine

These places are a culinary delight where they aim to charm you with their cooked to perfection food, uber-courteous staff, suave ambience and formality galore. Plus, some of these have been listed as Best Restaurants in Asia.



Just a mere mention of the name and recognition hits instantly. This restaurant is known for its clay tandoor ‘oven’ as much as for having served distinguished guests (whose orders then got christened after them!). This North West cuisine gourmet restaurant has found its way to many ‘best restaurants lists’ in the world. The famous Dal Bukhara would need no introduction as such; the accompanying naan (bread) neither which is complementary as it adds flavour to every dish it is consumed with – sans the cutlery, by the way!

Dum Pukht

dum pukht

The nawabi neighbor of Bukhara, where royalty comes alive with blue royale and white décor, complemented with chandeliers and dastarkhaan at each setting. The food revives the technique of cooking over a slow flame with meat, herbs and spices put in one pot and sealed with dough which justifies its name – dum is ‘to breathe in’ and pukht is ‘to cook’! The result – richly flavored food arousing your aromatic senses!



The name of the restaurant states the obvious as it literally points in the direction of where the cuisine is of (South)! An experience at Dakshin would take one through the array of dishes which much to one’s surprise includes a variety of non-vegetarian fare too!

Indian Accent

indian accent

The global touch to Indian food would be one humble way to describe the food served at Indian Accent. The ‘go global, act local’ phrase coined is given a creative and contemporary twist into ‘go global, add it to local’!

Follow the party, for a meal cheap and hearty!

delhi joints

These places are popular amongst the student crowd for a two reasons: tasteful food at student-pocketful-prices and camped around the campus area of Delhi University. Follow the lead, if you will.

Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door

This humble eatery with two outlets now has been a revered place to eat for all the university grads. They swear by the BYD (affectionately called) specials on the menu as much as the cozy interiors and the price at which they are offered both.



Another student favorite which has a wall with a photomontage ranging from quotes to vintage print advertisements to social messages to the ‘trending stuff of our times’ which is a treat to the gaze, the food being a treat to the taste buds and the tab being a treat to the pocket!

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