Yummy Tummy at Streets in Kolkata

Fish Kabiraji from Mitra Cafe, Sovabazar

It’s not possible to overlook the delicious fish kabiraji from Mitra cafe in Sovabazar. You have to stop there for a while and then you will automatically place the order. It’s made of Bhetki fillets and wrapped by egg which is very crunchy and has no specific shape. It’s served with red sauce, kasundi and salads.

Crunchy Fish Kbairaji
Crunchy Fish Kabiraji | Source: khadyarashik.blogspot.com

Phuchka – the mouthwatering ball

Phuchka in Kolkata is available everywhere at anytime, but to taste lip-smacking phuchkas in Kolkata, you have to visit all the phuchka stalls in New Market and these are worth checking out. It will help you taste what true Kolkata street food is all about.

Mochmoche Phuchka at New Market
Mochmoche Phuchka at New Market | Source: cnn.com

Chatpata Jhal Muri

Jhal muri at Sealdah station can reduce your irritation before taking the train. If you have traveled a lot and get down at Sealdah station, you cannot ignore the attraction of jhal muri. It’s a mixture of puffed rice with pieces of boiled potatoes, chopped onions, green chilies and mustard oil. The Jhalmuri walas are available on every local train so you can get the taste of this chatpata Bengali street food anytime.

Jhalmuri at Sealdah Station
Jhalmuri at Sealdah Station | Source – feminiya.com

Dhoper-Chop at Milon-da’s Canteen

Dhop is believed to have no sense and chop is breaded fry or batter fry. So “Dhoper Chop” stands for “Stuff and nonsense”. This crunchy mouthwatering dish served with sweet sauce like Papaya Chatni is available at Milon-da’s canteen at Jadavpur University.

Chop: The taste of Dhop
Chop: The taste of Dhop | Source: tastediary.files.wordpress.com

Boudi’s lemon tea at Deshapriya Park : Your best stress reliever

Cha and adda are Kolkata’s life from youth to old generation. Any discussion is incomplete without cha and if you want to drink special lemon, go to Dedhopriyo Park Metro station. The tea is similar to how it is prepared elsewhere, but the specialty comes out when this lady squashes the lemon after it’s done.

Tea stall kolkata
Garam Chai ki Pyali ho | Source: www.trekearth.com

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