What to do when you’re stranded while traveling !?

We always, once in our life get into a situation where we’re stranded and have no place to go but to the seats nearby and cry on them as we have a go through with the situation. For many sensitive people, it may be heartbreaking and soul cracking as being stranded isn’t a good thing after all.

One of the most comprehensive stranded situations happened in 2000 when at the dawn of a new century, Flight IC 814 was hijacked and many passengers were beheld over a big period of 7-8 days. But, even if you’re stranded somewhere and cannot move elsewhere or even if you’ve missed your place, here’s something that will help you along the way.

Don’t be worried, be calm and composite. Behave like nothing’s happened and keep smiling for no reason. Usually situations like these effect the mental health of a human and if you’re with a loved one, try to be loving as love is the most successful medicine in all of universe. A little bit of love and care for each can go a long way in reaching out to a better mental condition.

Second of all, try to interact with the people nearby. Sometimes, talking helps a lot in figuring out solutions. a similar case happened to be with Actor-Comedian Manish Paul who was stranded at a UK Airport as he missed his flight and had an urgent get together the next day in India. So, he reached out to some people who were coincidentally his fans and they helped him get on a private jet so as to get to India in time.

cancelled flights
When your flight gets cancelled!!

So, you never know when talking and interacting may prove worthy for us. Next of all, have something to eat and always keep your tummy full. Indeed, a stomach full of secrets may help our brain work better and actively respond to the situation.

Next of all, don’t get social. Social breakout may prove to be really disgraceful as some people may point out facts that will only make you sad. Talk with someone happy and who thinks that the world is a big place to enjoy. People like that really help in finding out extravagant solutions.

Last of all, don’t lose hope. Take it as a chance to discover the essence of life and happiness shall always walk by your side.

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