You Need Only Two Weekends to Turn into a Mumbaikar – This Is How

Mumbai-city of dreams

Mumbai is home to almost 12 million people, some locals and many migrated people from various parts of the world. Home to Bollywood industry and one of the biggest stock markets in the world, Mumbai will never make you feel like a stranger.

But If you are a Bachelor & Finding home in Aamchi Mumbai is very difficult task, but no worries you’ll find furnished shared accommodation at best price. It takes only few days to find a room to stay in Mumbai, get acclimatized to the weather and understand the pace of the city. The question is how? Well, most of it includes commuting or interacting with people here and travelling to different parts of the city.

Let’s take a look at some activities you can do over the weekend to turn into a Mumbaikar.

1. Make friends with the Sea by visiting Marine Drive or Bandra Bandstand

Make some spare time, early in the morning or anytime of the evening, to visit these places by the sea. Enjoy the sea breeze and get accustomed to the humid climate of Mumbai. You’ll find a lot of people ending their stressed out day by sitting or walking by the sea near Marine Drive and Bandra Bandstand, popping peanuts with chai.

Don’t be baffled if you spot some celebrities. Bandra Bandstand is quite often used as shoot location for many movies. Celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan stay near the Bandstand and you’ll find fans waiting for them outside their house at any time of the day.

2. Enjoy the Mumbai Chaat on Girgaon or Juhu Chowpatty

The best of street food and chaat in Mumbai is found on the beaches of Mumbai. Amidst the numerous beaches in the city, Girgaon Chowpatty and Juhu Chowpatty offer the best chaat dishes. Beware, you may instantly fall in love with the food here almost to a level of addiction.

3. Walk through the charming markets of Mumbai

Buzzing since the British era in India, Chor Bazaar and Crawford Market are favourites of traders and locals in Mumbai. The Chor Bazaar exhibits some of the most antique and vintage articles. From Gramophones to reel cameras, you’ll find everything here. Warm up your haggling and bargaining skills here before you visit here though.

Similarly, Crawford Market will offer you stuff at wholesale rates, without much bargaining. Locals buy everything from fruits to kitchenware to electronics from this market at a very reasonable price.

4. Travel in the local train, if your job isn’t making you do so already

Local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai. The first passenger train in India was run between Thane and Bombay, now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), on April 16, 1853. Since then, commuting in railway has flourished to a large extent in Mumbai. Residents of Mumbai use railways to commute across the city, for it is fast and well connected. It can take you to the northernmost end of the city to the southernmost end in 45 minutes flat. We’ll leave the experience of travelling and meeting new people in the train for you to describe.

5. Party like an animal in any part of the city

From the most expensive clubs in India to the cheapest watering holes, Mumbai is full of party places. Go clubbing in any of the local favourites and you will never be disappointed. Even if you forget where you’re staying in Mumbai, the streets are welcoming enough to feed you till dawn.

6. Take a heritage walk in the city

Take an entire day on one of these weekends to stroll through the streets of Mumbai, displaying the rustic charm of the city. The old British architecture of the CST railway station, till the streets or Prince of Wales Museum, through the University of Mumbai will give you a complete dose of heritage feels. Further, take a ferry to Elephanta caves from Gateway of India, to see the old world charm of Buddhist architecture around Mumbai.

If you do these above six things over two weekends, apart from finding an for rent in Mumbai, you’ve made it. You can be officially called a Mumbaikar after this, considering the amount of conversations you’ll have with the locals, the food you’ll eat, the hassles you’ll go through and the fun you’ll have in this beautiful city.

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