Where’s The Party Tonight?! 5 Famous Indian cities for a nightlife

College or office trips, there is one point in the planning when we look for the type of nightlife a place offers. “How are the nights there?”, is what usually pops up in the heads of the party animals. Even if you are not the ones who party, who will be least bothered about any party in town; there is a chance that you would take a keen interest in the nightlife of some other city. Here comes a list of five Indian cities which are undoubtedly well known for the beautiful nightlife experiences.

nightlife india
Party All Night! Source

5. Chandigarh


If you are not aware of Sector ‘sataara’ (seventeen) in Chandigarh then you should definitely go and see what it is famous for. I’ll hint you- *why do you want that? It’s Chandigarh!* It is an upbeat city. Wonderful and happy people around you; and what else?
Food and drinks. Chandigarh aaye te vadiya khaana nahi khaaya, toh kya aaye? Luscious food and rivers of mineral water mixed with the fluids that can make your brain either work really well or *blank*.
Take a chill pill and never mess with the locals at places like- F Bar and lounge, ten downing street, Alpha Q, Buzz club and lounge. They are open only to make new tales for you.

ten downing street
Partying in Chandigarh!

4. Bangalore


I have only heard people talking about the number of breweries that Bangalore has but apart from that I’d say that the clubs are creatively themed. My attention jumped onto the aura of different party places. 13th floor, Pebble, windmills craftworks and the sugar factory; the names do most of it for them. Cool places to hangout with friends.
Eat. Drink. Dance. Repeat.

Bangalore club
Karaoke Nights @ Bangalore

3. Delhi

delhi clubs
Vibrant Delhi Clubs!

Not the center but the heart of the country, people from different parts of the sub continent stay in peace and also party in peace! There are numerous places to dine-in with friends and spend time drinking and dancing, make sure you don’t get lost around in love.
There is no way you can not find a party place an area that is full of expensive places to eat and drink. A few clubs like the Third eye, Bootlegger, Capitol and Blues have a perfect match with variety of drinks and cool music. Grab your friends and rock a party!

delhi night club
The Delhi Party Scene

2. Mumbai

mumbai clb

Nightlife in Mumbai is not just having Vada pavs and driving along Marine drive (which is, by the way and awesome thing to do), we know it is way beyond that! The Blue Frog club, Escobar, Hype and Trilogy are some popular ones. Cool themes and vibrant colors turn the party mood on. Forget the pain, get under the lights and party with your mates!
And the later, you can grab vada pavs and roam around Marine drive. ๐Ÿ˜›

marine drive
Marine Drive

1. Goa

beach party goa
Beach Party!

Do I need to say more? It is ‘the’ city we are talking about! Venue for all crazy parties in India. A foreign Indian city, as I would like to refer to it. The place is so captivating in itself that no one can stop themselves from checking out the beauty at night. Be it just a walk on the beach or a clubbing on a boat, it will offer you the best of everything that we have. Among the most visited we have Gatsby for the magnetizing view of the sea, Liquid lounge for the range of drinks that you may have not tried, Sinq beach club for eye catching ambiance and Club Cubana the place for all the major parties.

new year party goa

Enough of listening to peoples’ party tales, your chances is now! Go and make your own tales to tell.

PS: Also have a plan B in case you party too much. (if you know what I mean)
Happy partying! ๐Ÿ™‚

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