Where to celebrate Christmas in India

When the days are getting brighter and cold starts to linger upon our fingers, we usually await Christmas as it dawns upon us a new era of great times and exclusive joy and happiness. Indeed, as we talk, many of us are gearing up to hit places where we can enjoy the most serene vibes of the Christmas times. And so, we got to have an action plan to act. So, here’s a little candid drive across the urbane regions where tranquility seems to kiss our cheeks and the amazing boulevard of magnificent scenarios are bound to take up the form of a magnificently great scenario.

Let’s check them out.


church in goa
Photo by Rohith Rao

Dance and rejoice near the edges of the country as this solitary state brings about the festival of Christmas. Being a harbinger of a big Christian population, the state is home to loads of celebrations in Christmas times and truly looks like an amazingly magnificent sector where God seems to have had stepped on before. It is a guarantee that you will enjoy your Christmas with utmost brilliance.


Pondicherry Promenade
Pondicherry Promenade | Image Credits : Ashwin Nagpal

One of the most holy and ancient cities in the legacy of India, this union territory holds the key to a brilliant Christmas experience. Being a Christian dominated state by population, it is filled with cheer and joy. The most rejoicing moments of Christmas are felt here in this state.


kerala backwaters sunset
Photo by Anoop Negi

Come about this God’s own country where churches and people, every element of a magnificent Christmas is present and is always there on a lookout. Being a traditional holder of western influences, this coastal state is truly Christ’s own glorious home.

Mumbai and Delhi

These two metropolitan cities are the places where the heat of Christmas celebrations s actively felt amongst the people. Here, a new religious equality has developed wherein there are more number of non-Christians who opt to celebrate Christmas. And indeed, the bible does give an insight into religious equality. So, anyone can come up and celebrate Christmas, it’s our own god’s birthday.

Daman and Diu

daman and diu
Photo by Pappadi

And if you’re looking for a place where you can get along some amazing and magnificent areas in a quite atmosphere with very composite and serene celebrations, then D&D is the key for you. The coastal area gives an insight into how you can celebrate an exotic and really marvellous Christmas with your loved ones while being in the optimistic watchful of eye of the Christ who looks upon us as we celebrate his holy Birthday.

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