What kind of a Traveler are you?

When it comes to traveling, there’s no “one size fits all”.

Everyone experiences a destination in their own personal way. So, what kind of traveler are YOU? Are you the cheesy-pinkies-intertwined pair of lovebirds? Are you the thriving-off-of-adrenaline adventure freak? Perhaps the larger-than-life heavy spender, or the on-a-budget spendthrift?

We want to know!

Traveler Kind_1 Traveler Kind_2 Traveler Kind_3 Traveler Kind_4 Traveler Kind_5 Traveler Kind_6 Traveler Kind_7

Whichever “type” of a traveler you may be, there is one thing that unites us all; we love to travel. We explore, we discover, and we fall in love with new places and cultures. It really doesn’t matter what kind of a traveler you are, as long as you invest your heart completely in the journey.

Tell us which of these personalities fits you best in the comments below!

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