Want to travel, but can’t? Travel Virtually through Youtube!

Youtube has taken the internet by storm. I love internet, who doesn’t? One thing it’s useful for, is looking for Travel vloggers! If you’re a student like me and strapped for cash all the time, (travelling is expensive and getting that dough can take a few months) satiate your appetite for wanderlust, by looking up for these Youtube channels, all related to travel. Many of these are in the ‘vlog‘ style, that is just a video blog, mostly unedited, shown to you as it is. Some of them are in the ‘short film‘ category (and they really are short). One thing all of them have is fun and they open you up to a a variety of different places across the globe.

Fun for Louis

Louis Cole, the man behind Fun for Louis embodies the essence of a wanderer. His life is a crazy haze of flying from country to country with his trusty camera. Even when he’s in London, his hometown he spends his time crashing on friends couches. He is a daily vlogger, so you can expect a new video everyday. One of the most amazing and fun loving people on this list, Louis’s channel is divided into various playlists of different places he’s been to. South America, Africa and, India, he has been to a lot of places. So if you’re feeling a bit blue about not being able to afford the college trip just watch a video at Fun for Louis for equal parts of happiness and jealousy!

Louis Cole Source
Louis Cole

Living the Adventure by Louis Cole

Mr. Ben Brown

Ben Brown’s Visual Vibes are one of my favorite things on the internet.  Set to refreshing music, these are snapshots and bits of videos packed into a 4 to 5 minute video that embodies the entire trip,  just enough to whet your appetite for adventure.

Visual Vibes India edition

Story Travelers

There is no single way to describe the sheer beauty of this channel. Short films, with breathtaking music offer you an iconic visual feast that will keep you speechless with wonder. These artists bring collections of pictures to you in a way that you will feel like you’re with them. It is best watched in HD. If this channel doesn’t inspire you to travel, nothing else will. Even though they are lower on the list in terms of subscribers, this channel does not scrimp on quality. You can follow them on Instagram.


Feel free by Story Travelers


Marko and Alex, the fun loving brothers run this channel and, will take you from downtown San-Diego to the snowy wilderness of Bavaria all the while laughing and joking with you. One of the most fun travel channels on YouTube, the Vaga Brother’s clear love for travel translates well into every video!

Full of Life, The VAGABrothers Source
Full of Life, The VAGABrothers

The Vagabrothers explore New Orleans, Louisiana during the biggest party in America – Mardi Gras.


With over 1000 videos, David’s channel has one of the most comprehensive collection of travel videos on the inter-web. So, if you’re interested in a particular place it is more than likely that David has been there.

David Source

72 Hour #MyStopover with Icelandair

Hey Nadine

The last person on our list is the lovely Nadine whose cheery videos keeps one entertained and hanging on for more. Like Fun For Louis, Hey Nadine is divided up into playlists that can be easily accessed and will streamline the channel for your viewing pleasure.


Here, are a few other channels that you might want to check.

Bacon is Magic aka Ayngelina Brogan

Pause the Moment

Lost and Found Travel

Mike Corey 

So, while many of us are dreaming and wishing that we could take a vacation whenever we want to, these guys are vacationing at someplace or the other. If you’re feeling down in the dumps and having a serious case of the wanderlust blues, kick back and look around these channels to satiate your appetite for adventure until you can pack up your own bag and be on your way!

Another travel vlog for you to check! Source
Another travel vlog for you to check!

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