Want a sip of the Best Chai in India?

DID YOU KNOW, your favorite beverage, chai, is the National drink of our country?

Photo by Praveen Khanna

Well, of course! India, being the largest consumer of tea in the world, indubitably has the most number of tea aficionados. Ranging from small dhabas to magnificent tea bars, any Indian would love to grab a cup of tea in any nook and corner of the country.

Don’t miss the opportunity of grabbing your share of tea, in the cities you travel to, in these popular tea bars of the country.


Infinitea tea room and tea store, set up in 2003, follows the theme of ‘from leaf to the cup’, catering to its customers best quality tea of myriad tastes and types. This tea lounge, along with conventional black, green and herbal tea, offers ‘exquisites’ like white tea and China jasmine green tea, with multitude desserts and eatables to munch on while you relish your cup of chai. The store also gives a seating choice to people, having a ground floor and a mezzanine floor in its compound. The room decor will make you fall in love with it all the more, adorned with pictures and posters all around, giving you a splendid tea-time.

WHERE: Bengaluru.

OPEN ON: Monday-Sunday 11 am – 11 pm


Dolly Roy in her tea shop.

Set up in 1987  by Dolly Roy, India’s first woman tea taster, Dolly’s tea shop is Kolkata’s most popular tea corner. This tea shop attracts a large chunk of students because of its proximity to college campus and affordable prices. It is a small and cozy place exuding homely vibes which makes it even more appealing to the students as well as to the travelers. A wide range of bites and beverages are offered in its menu, to satisfy the choices of all and sundry. Roy, being the unofficial tea ambassador of India, personally suggests its customers, the best tea according to their tastes and preferences. Dolly’s is a must-go-to place if you plan to embark on a journey to Kolkata.

WHERE: Kolkata.

OPEN ON: Monday-Saturday 10:30 am – 7:30 pm


Ch Bar! The perfect place to be for book lovers, who’d love to sip in every word of their favorite novel along with the exotic taste of that tea. Situated at the  heart of Delhi, Connought Place, adjacent to its lounge is the Oxford Book store, for everyone and anyone to leaf through and buy books as per their choice. It offers a wide variety of teas, differing from strong to light. With the sale of every cup of Single Estate Assam tea, a portion of it helps in preserving the habitat of Single horned Rhinos in Assam. The highlight of the lounge is the ‘tea-pot’ wall adorned with different tea pots from all across the globe.

WHERE: New Delhi.

OPEN ON: Monday- Sunday 10:30am – 9:30pm



Established in 2005, Tea Pot started off as a small tea lounge in Kochi. Though the exterior countenance of the cafe isn’t as appealing, but once you’ve entered it, you will have a change of opinion. Currently, the cafe serves plain tea, Nilgiri tea, jasmine tea, camomile and several others. The cheese cakes here taste splendid and are among the must-have list of its menu. Along with chocolate delicacies, the cafe also offers Kerala cuisines like stew and appam. Decorated with lights and lanterns hung around, it is a peaceful, charming and cozy place.

WHERE: Kerala.

OPEN ON: Monday-Sunday 8:30am-9:30pm

5. O! CHAI


Assam, the largest producer of Tea in India, lately came up with a tea lounge cum retail outlet, selling factory made teas by Damayanti Tea Industries. It is a perfect place to stop by while road tripping in Assam, especially during Monsoon. The lounge faces NH37 and attracts a huge crowd to grab a taste of its straight-from-the-factory tea. The store boasts of serving the best cheese omelettes in town, while its paneer patties are no less famous. It is an excellent place to enjoy food with a fuming cup of tea.

WHERE: Assam.

OPEN ON: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-11:00pm.

If you’re round the corner, do not leave the opportunity to visit these exotic places before you leave the city!

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