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The Mahopanishad says, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” meaning, the whole world is one family.

It is only at the sphere of adversities, that we recognize the true face of humanity. We, as human beings, are bound to contribute our bit for the welfare of the society and mankind at large, and there isn’t any dearth of opportunities to cater to such needs.

India has no shortage of volunteering opportunities for people travelling within the country or coming here from abroad. There are ample organizations working dedicatedly for the upliftment of the poor, the underprivileged, and the needy.

We provide to you, a list of the best organizations and programs, that have done a commendable work in social work, and offer volunteer opportunities.


Bhumi is one of India’s largest independent and youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Founded on August 15, 2006, the organization  provides socially-conscious students and young professionals a platform to serve society and to bridge the gap between the learned and the unlearned through education. The vision of the organization is to help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society.

Volunteers applying for bhumi should be under 30 years of age, who can devote a minimum of 2 hours every week by  teaching/mentoring children at an orphanage or community centre, contributing towards environmental conservation, helping with designing posters, fund raising etc and helping on and off during the events.

Bhumi Active chapters are operating in the following places: Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Tiruchirapalli and Thanjavur.

source: community.stagephod.com

Programs and projects ongoing in Bhumi are as follows:

Kanini: Kanini (meaning computer in Tamil), is a computer literacy programme for children – most of whom have never used a computer. The program is ongoing at Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Pune and Tiruchirapalli.

Lakshya: Lakshya pairs underprivileged children with volunteers who act as their mentors and role models. The program helps the children realize their potential and transforms the volunteers into more socially aware leaders. The program is ongoing at Chennai, Bengaluru & Tiruchirapalli.

Little Einsteins(Maths): Little Einsteins is an activity based learning program that focuses on the conceptual understanding and learning of mathematics. The program is ongoing at Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Pune and Tiruchirapalli.

Little Einsteins(Science): Little Einsteins -Science is an experiment based program that teaches the fundamental concepts of science through experimentation, observation and conceptual understanding. The program is ongoing at Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Pune, Thanjavur and Tiruchirapalli.

Speak Out: An interactive English learning program for children who have limited or no proficiency in the language. The program is ongoing at Chennai and Bengaluru.

Yantra-Robotics: Yantra is an exciting hands-on program that helps children learn scientific concepts by building their own robots. The program is ongoing at Chennai.

RTE25 – Right to Education Awareness: The focus is to engage volunteers in creating awareness among such communities and helping them benefit from this life transforming opportunity.

Traffic Awareness:  Traffic Awareness Campaign at signals is for creating road safety awareness among people. The program is ongoing in Chennai.

Think Green: Think Green is an initiative towards environmental conservation and to fight against its degeneration by involving the youth and the local communities. the program is ongoing at PWD Park, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Bethalpuram Residential Area, Tambaram, Chennai, PS Higher Secondary School, Mandaveli, Chennai and Ramana Vidyalaya, Sholinganallur, Chennai.

Joy to the world: Joy to the World is a programme that fulfills small wishes of children. The program is conducted at all Bhumi chapters.

volunteers of bhumi
Volunteers of Bhumi | Source: www.thehindu.com



Teach For India, a project of Teach To Lead, is a nationwide movement of outstanding college graduates and young professionals who will commit two-years to teach full-time in under resourced schools and who will become lifelong leaders working from within various sectors towards the pursuit of equity in education. The model has been adapted from Teach For America, and was first formally established in 2008 as Teach To Lead.

The Program aims to see the day when every child gets the opportunity to attain an excellent education. A day when we can empower every human being with choice. Because that’s what every child deserves. That’s what India deserves.

Teach for India volunteer
Source: sprinkolors.com

Teach For India is in 7 cities – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Bengaluru.

TFI believes that the road to end educational inequity is long and this cannot be done alone.

If you are passionate about their vision and have a certain number of hours a week to put in, you can volunteer with Fellows in their classroom or with different departments on staff.

teach for India volunteer
Source: www.thehindu.com



Make a Difference (MAD) is a non-profit organisation, working to ensure better outcomes for children in orphanages and shelters across India. MAD mobilizes young leaders to ensure equitable outcomes for children in shelters across India.

The MAD model focuses on the following five services, to carry on with the movement they’ve embarked upon:

  • Platform for the youth
  • Program expertise
  • Process expertise
  • Quality control
  • Knowledge exchange


The Programs going on at MAD are:

Ed Support: Provides role-models for children to aspire to by putting high-potential young people in touch with a class of 5 children. These youngsters provide after school support for Math, Science and English.

Discover: Builds aspirations and dreams in children by exposing them to new careers, new skills and new ideas by means of field visits, interactions with professionals and workshops.

Propel: Propel enables children to build their career paths that are in sync with their interests and is aimed at those who are poised to pass out from shelter homes. By pairing them with a spirited volunteer, called a wingman, we wish to motivate, inspire and facilitate their journey towards an independent and sustainable life.

Student volunteers at MAD
Student volunteers at MAD | Source: www.thehindu.com

MAD has been operating in 23 Indian cities with 3000 volunteer teachers.



Child Rights and You commonly abbreviated as CRY is a non-profit organisation in India that aims to restore children’s rights in India. The organization aims for a happy, healthy and creative child whose rights are protected and honoured in a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and equity for all.


CRY is currently operating in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

CRY has been running around 180 projects in different parts of the country and working with more than 2000 volunteers.



Volunteering India is the oldest and the most established and trustworthy volunteer organisation in India which has been providing volunteer and internship programs in India since 2004 to over 3500 volunteers from around the world.

The programs are located in New Delhi, Palampur/Dharamsala, Bangalore, Mysore and more. Volunteers can choose to join in one of the many different options the organization provides, including childcare, women empowerment, teaching, summer programs, mini breaks, group programs and family volunteering in India.

Source: www.projects-abroad.com.au

The programs run by the organization are the following:

Volunteer teaching program in India: Volunteers can teach English, Maths, Science, Geography, Computer and General Knowledge at childcare centers and at primary and secondary school depending on their comfort level. Volunteers can join the program from any Monday of the month all year round apart from school’s summer and winter holidays. The minimum program duration is 1 week and maximum is 24 weeks. The program runs in Palampur, West Bengal and across South India.

Women empowerment programs: Volunteers work directly with women from poor financial and educational backgrounds, from Monday to Friday and provide them guidance on the importance nutritional and wholesome diet, teach them computer skills as well as Basic English language lessons. The program runs in New Delhi.

Source: www.volunteerworkindia.org

Disabled care programs: In this program, volunteer’s main and sole role is take care of the mentally and physically disabled children. Volunteer’s main work involves preparing meals, feeding these children, changing their dress, playing with them as that is the part of their training. The program runs in Palampur, Dharamsala.

Volunteer Childcare program: Volunteers work with both infants – toddlers as well as with kids aged between 4 – 13 years who have lost their parents and teach them, provide them love and care so that they won’t feel left out of the place. The program is being run in Delhi, Palampur – Dharamsala and in South India.

Mini break program: The mini break volunteering program options are highly suitable for volunteers who can’t commit for longer time duration yet they want to help the poor communities. This program attracts a lot of tourists, who can work on weekends and

Source: www.volunteerworkindia.org


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