Vanity Essentials for a Traveler – Part 2

While you’re at it – globetrotting, I mean – now with the part one of your essentials, let’s move on to part two. Another article – another set of essentials acting as an aide in what you love to do the most! They aren’t destination specific or weather defined. Also, unlike the earlier suggestions, these can’t be packed in your carry-ons. Ditto your check-ins. You may want to read ahead to find out what I have to proffer. This article comes complimentary to the earlier one of the same title (in case you’re wondering what is being talked about, here’s the link to the one preceding this article – Vanity Essentials for a Traveler – Part 1.

All ears (and all eyes)

Look up and around
Look up and around

So you’re at THIS place for the first time (and for some, probably the only time). Why would you want to miss out on something just because you were staring into a screen reading a mystery novel or listening to music? Unravel this place next, get a load of the (new) sounds here (they would differ a lot from what you’re used to hearing back home). Well, your books and your earphones can surely enjoy your company when you’re back home. Plus, being vigilante will help you go a long way if unfortunately an unforeseen situation would arise.

All smiles

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness” says William Arthur Ward. Couldn’t agree more. A smile would probably break the ice usually formed due to non-familiarity, either between you and the locals, or among your fellow travelers. In a mosaic of new faces, amiability would definitely aid making things easier. To err on the side of caution though, let’s keep the smile a little tight to avoid any unwelcome approach.

Ask around, a lot

Badger, then done!
Badger, then done!

Being unfamiliar with the place, surroundings and people, you might want to hold on to being inquisitive a bit more than necessary. To be sure you’ve gotten it right – it may be the road you’re taking, or price of some souvenirs you wish to take back home to your loved ones – throw in as many queries to as many people as you think adequate for bona fide information. Also, you might want to know your companions before you set out on your travel; after all you’ll be spending all of your time with them for the duration of your bed and breakfast days (and nights)!

Preserve with perseverance

Hold on tight; don't let it slide!
Hold on tight; don’t let it slide!

You would little know the surroundings, and also the people. Be sure to hold on tight to whatever is yours – your belongings, your seat – in public places or otherwise. You may want to offer your seat, probably to someone who needs it more than you. Being street smart would definitely be a way to go!

Avoid trust in toto

You are a stranger to this place and so is this place to you. Likewise are the people here. You might not want to become overtly suspicious; but drawing a line would help with regards to your personal safety. “Trust everybody, but cut the cards”, as Finley Peter Dunne suggests.

Ostentation might be an unwise way to tour

You might be at a place where your ‘commonplace’ might be a ‘novelty’ for the locals. Let’s leave those behind, in all modesty, for the time being of your travel. Being self sufficient should be enough to get you through your trip.

Let's see
Let’s see..

As Danny Kaye puts it, “To travel is to take a journey into yourself”. With your possessions and yourself, wish you a bon voyage!

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