The Unexplored Side of the City Beautiful,Chandigarh

My article is going to be about the city beautiful , “ Chandigarh”. Chandigarh is very well known for its greenery and its beautiful well planned architecture but there is a lot more which adds to the beauty of the city. More than just the architecture, it is the loving people you would find around the corners of the city.The people in the city are warm and welcoming, though exceptions are always there.

For a start, I would like to share about the amazing golgappa wala you would find in the city. He stands outside the Gurudwara in Sector 19, and GOD, what amazing golgappas he prepares. They are just mouth watering. Heavenly. Just too good. After that I would tell about the golgappa shop in sector 34 which offers 12 or 13 types of flavoured golgappa paani which is again not to be missed if you are visiting the city. It’s a must try. The place is tidy and hygienic.

Credits: The Dawn
Credits: The Dawn

Coming to the kachoris, the tastiest kachori I have ever had is again in Chandigarh. That is in Sector 18 Shiv Mishthan. I remember waiting by watch for 5pm and used to rush to the shop to get fresh hot mouth watering kachoris. The kachoris are just too good. Whether you eat it there or you get it packed and eat it at home, it is just too good. My mouth is watering thinking about it. 😛

Talking about food, how can I miss about the late night anda waala, and maggi waala guys sitting opposite the bus stand in Sector 22. There are numerous guys making maggi aneggs and sandwiches throughout the night. It is a famous place for the guys in the city to be at night when they are hungry. The maggi they make is just delicious. There are times when I am hungry early in the morning and I go there just to eat maggi.

Image Credits: Rambonp
Image Credits: Rambonp

As everyone is aware of the Sukhna lake a famous tourist spot in Chandigarh, I would say there is more to it. At the backside of lake, they have a silence garden which has a statue of Buddha made. The place has dim lights. It makes you feel at peace and calm. It’s open 24*7. It makes to relax and be in the moment. And not to forget to see the sunrise if you are visiting the lake in the morning. And also, there is another new lake formed at sector 43 which is again beautiful and calming to visit. Also if you are a religious person, there is a beautiful shiv temple(saketri) which is a very old built temple, it gives you a lot of calmness and peace.

The next thing I would like to say is to visit any sector’s market at the time of karvachauth or diwali. The place is just lightened up like anything. The best thing you get at that time is to see the happiness at the faces of people to buy gifts for their loved one’s. It is just priceless. Also, for all the ladies, the best time to get mehndi. The “chehel pehel”(crowd) is amazing. It is so lively that you do not feel like getting back home.

Also , if you are a kulcha lover, a shop in Sector 9d for all the kulcha lovers. It is called the kulcha hib. The kulchas are so crispy and mind blowing. Also the gravy you get with it is amazing. There are different type of kulchas, I like the cheese one the best..yummm….

Also, moving a little away from the eating side, I would say if you want to see dedication and courage among children and old people, I would say a must visit to school for blind in Sector 26 and an old age home next to the suckhna lake. A day spent with these kids and old people is worth it. they give you so much of courage to live life. they make you realise that even without having all the comforts in their lives, they choose and learn to be happy. They excel in their lives and never lose the hope to live and most importantly, happily.

Moving a little away from Chandigarh and going towards Kasauli, on the way there is a small shop which offers kulfi and bakery items. That kulfi is something which is not supposed to be missed. The kulfi is just too good. It just makes you forget everything and makes you lose in the taste of it.

Moving ahead of that shop, when you reach Kasauli, in the very beginning when you go down the lane walking, you would find a momos and soup shop. There is a lady who runs that shop and God bless her, what mind blowing momos she prepares. They are just finger licking good.

The list can go on and on but I would say that these are a few must eat, do and see things in and around the city.:)

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