Travelling alone? 8 ways to convince your parents

Every normal teenager has this crazy fantasy to elope into the exquisite greens of a mountain or the twinkling city lights and make most of the life with friends. Yes, most of us fantasize a life like Kabir in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. That astonishing dialogue (Mai udna chahta hu, daudna chahta hu, girna bhi chahta hu par rukna nahi chahta!) which inspires many is stuck in our heads like a math table.

So by the time we reach college, we have plans like fully constructed set of apartments which are available for possession! There is no tax or risk involved in dreaming and planning stuff in your head…BUT! When the plans are supposed to turn into reality, what comes to your mind?

Most amazing people in the world – PARENTS!

No ways, I am not being sarcastic. They are wonderful, but to them, we are kids all their life and hence it is not easy to convince them about our plans and dreams. Well some species of parents do not think much and are convinced quite easily, but there are also the types (like mine) who would build a wall of questions and worry too much with the thought of leaving you alone. I swear on God, this article is no where cursing any species of parents! I love my parents too!


Okay, so about convincing your parents to take a trip alone? Trust me it is next to impossible for most of us.

Most peers suggested me to pack and go! There were also a few who said that it was okay with parents till we asked for money.

Mumma! Pappa! Chahte kya ho zindagi se? :/

1. Plan first

Once you make a proper plan and put in front of your parents, it is likely that they will listen to you. Do focus on the safety factor in the trip. They are your parents and will obviously be worried about you.


2. Maintain their trust

As their kids we have probably done numerous ‘ulte kaam’ (if you know what I mean) and they are the ones who forgive us all the time. Think about the fact that they will have to trust you again and so it is important to maintain the trust.


3. Friend can help

We all have this one friend who is trusted by our parents. Grab your friend and tell him to convince your parents, his words shall help in one way or the other.


4. Independent you

Tell your parents about how wonderfully they have taken care of you and how you have become a stronger and mature person who can travel alone. Tell them that you know how to take care of yourself and they’ll have to let you go someday. :/ Why not today?

5. A little bit of “drama” helps

A little bit of drama can also help you in a situation like this. Dear Shahrukh Khan fan, why don’t you try a DDLJ dialogue here? And your dad might say “Jaa beta, jee le apni zindagi” 😛 A pinch of sentiments can rock the show!


6. Traveling is just so important for you 😛

Hold your mom’s hand and try telling her how important traveling is to you. Tell her how you can change according to the situation. How instead of being lazy, you can wake up early, have break fast and wander around the city you wish to visit.

7. Traveling comes with a lot of learning

Make a list of things you’ll learn from the trip. Is it skiing? or paragliding? or just being confident? It doesn’t matter if 50% of the points are silly but make sure the rest 50 are valuable!

Travel Quote
This can be your pitch!

8. Career

Come on! Try being creative and relate travel with your profession! Yes, it can work!


Ab jaane ka socha hai toh itna dimaag toh lagana hi padega na?

And if nothing works, try praying to God! Maybe he’ll listen and then you can bribe him with prasad!
*Kadi tapasya karo, phal mil hi jayega

*Severe conditions apply

In case you get better ideas to on how to convince your parents to let you travel alone, mail me at (I will start convincing my parents as soon as I get your feedback!)

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