Traveling in Mumbai? – Here are things you should be careful of

Ever been to Mumbai? Do you want to feel the quintessence of the “Mayanagri”, then we’ve got something for you. Mumbai may seem truly eternal and like the nest hole of all dreams that come true. But, if just for a second, you flip the mirrors, you’ll certainly find the most bestowing facts about the hearty Metro City.

Mumbai as an exasperating tourist destination attracts a lot of tourists but there are little little facts that we want to warn you about.  It’s legacy runs long through our veins and it is known as the most popular destination of India but as good things come together, a little bit of problems come around the corner.

There are many other things that the city violates and we should know the caveats oft this exclusive city. For now, let’s roll in to our list.

1) Quality of Local Life

Even though Mumbai is preferred for it’s citizen quality, many little problems come around the sleeves. The local life runs in a very different aspect and many not suit to the tourist’s needs but it becomes a great spot for observing many real faces of our traditional India.

2) The Crowd

Mumbai Crowd
Image Credits : Mike Plunkett

Although hearty tourists always like to be more exasperating and friendly, but Mumbai’s crowd isn’t always. Everyone’s rushing and a tourist may not feel comfortable at start but as things get around, you’d definitely get more friendly with the locals.

3) Scams and Hawkers

Mumbai is the home town to ample of hawkers, scams and problems. Mumbai can prove to be a great place for buying souvenirs and attractive gifts and indeed one can get some really exciting products but you have to be aware of fakes and scams.

4) Security

Mumbai as a city is a crowded space and a big crowd proves to be rather good. A bigger crowd ensures security and tourists won’t really feel much security issues but you have to be aware of the situations you’re in.

5) The daunting Local Transport


Local train is the lifeline of Mumbai but getting into it and covering the whole distance is a challenge in itself. There are hundreds of people who get down at each station and there are a lot more who are waiting to get in and all of this happens in a matter of seconds. You can just imagine what it would look like! And many a times, tourists aren’t able to cope up with the quality of service.

Mumbai is the City of Dreams but with happy things come it’s brother i.e. sad things. So where it is the greatest city and the financial capital of our republic, it may happen to give you some sourness. The true delicacies of Mumbai can be enjoyed when you make the best of both worlds while knowing where you are.

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