Why traveling with a local is much more enriching?

Exploring a place with a local is a much more enriching experience to have. They know the place better than you and you absorb much more from your journey. Here is how happy locals help!

1. Happy Food makes you happier – they know what will suit your taste-buds and where you’ll find it. They know the specialties. Be it Vada Pav from Mumbai or Macaron from Paris, only a local knows where you’ll get it best. While it might be enticing to explore food options, good food choices prevent trips to the doctors’ clinic.

damn good food gif


2. Shopping – they know just the right place for you to shop at. Taking a happy local along would not only save you time but you’ll also get an opinion on “which one looks better?”

shopping gif


3. Short-cuts. Yes, locals know all the nitty-gritty of the place. They know the more traveled routes and the roads less traveled. Having the opinion of someone who’s experienced can save you a lot of time and energy.



4. Language problem? A local can help you learn their language. It is always fun to learn a little while you’re exploring so much!

language gif


5. Unanswered questions! Being a curious traveler isn’t very easy on the mind. We often have questions that remain unanswered without a local.

i want to know


6. They know what to pay- Being a tourist means paying for every product or service we take. However how much to pay remains a question of doubt. Not with a local.

7. When travelling from a country to another, one often notices a cultural difference. We meet a lot of people on the journey and knowing how to tackle people like a local only helps!

culttural difference


8. Landed in a tourist cliché or trap? Only a reliable local can help you out.



9. What to do when there? Your local companion will tell you what needs to be done and there’ll be a lot of options for you to choose from.

dont know what to do


10. Every place has a few laws which you might be unaware of, for example, smoking in Bhutan can lead you into a lot of troubles. A local companion can give you an insight into what are must follow laws and social norms of that place.

what is it

Do let know if these help you. Bon Voyage!

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