Traveling alone? Make music your companion..

“Bon Voyage”

Bon voyage

We all travel to explore new places and enjoy with our friends and family. We have someone to accompany us. We don’t feel alone, when we have them. Quite many times, the travel becomes memorable not because of place, but because of the people you are with.

Have you ever traveled alone?

Or had to travel alone, but you couldn’t because you thought you’d feel lonely? Well, ever wondered that you could have a companion with you? It’s not someone, it’s something. It’s music.

World off. Music on.

No matter what mood you are up with, happy, sad, excited, angry or a combination of these, you will have atleast one song that would exactly match your situation.

Let’s have a list of the songs that you could listen to while traveling.


1. On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons

2. Travelling – Paper Lions

3. Shinedown – Simple Man

4. The Voyage – Crash Test Dummies

5. Düsseldorf – Regina Spektor

6. The Wrong Direction – Passenger


This list is what I personally like. You can be a punk lover, pop or would prefer Hip hop, or metal. It all depends on the type of song you love to hear. Good music is always like a good person, it gives you good company.


So next time when you travel, Don’t forget to catch some good company with you!


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