Travel Tips for Students

Students always have the opportunity to live their life the way they want. But for a serene experience, you have to be smart and intelligent, which of course every student is.¬†Well, this is one of the most interesting topics to have a glossy chat on. Students are the most exasperating travelers and the way they live their life brings them on the top of our top travelers list. Indeed, but being the most exhaustive travelers, you guys also need to have a break and grab in some tips that might just help you make your journey a better one. So, let’s take gander at them:-

1) Budgetbudget travel

Always have a budget. We students always have a tendency to spend more than what is required. So, why not spend more but consequently save also. First of all, have advance money. Second, have a PayPal or an emergency card (You would need it).

  • You would have to make your own things like First Aid Box, Organization kits, compound diaries etc. Do not waste money on such things at the stationery.
  • Also, try to roam more than you eat fast foods. You see, you’ll save money on travelling in cars and consequently, you’ll burn some extra calories. Try to have fruit salads and milk shakes as they cost less but are rather better for students.
  • Furthermore, before leaving, do remember to grab a special mobile recharge which shall inculcate all services that you might need like GPRS, Internet, Roaming Calls etc. Many students come home with empty balance, and even negative balance, just because they forgot to get a recharge pack.
  • Have some good apps installed in your mobile. It’ll help you find your destinations and places to eat/sleep.
  • Consider living in a hostel that offers temporary services. This would surely boost your budget. Also to include, do use free Wi-Fi’s that are available everywhere and do not spend much money on leisure/ time wasting activities.
  • Do not go for a long plan as it might just make a pretty nice hole in your pocket.
  • And if there’s anything that you might need which is present in your home, do grab it. Because most of us end up buying those things outside which are already present in our homes.

2) Packing

Well, we do this with utmost courage and fun.

  • First of all, have a light and handy bag. Do grab some special baggage stuff like the money capsule which may help you to have a better organization.
  • Have a bag that has more pockets than anyone can count. Because, students like me do have loads of things to carry.
  • Secondly, stuff up only a limited amount of clothes. Do not stuff all the jeans in your bag just because you look good in them. You are going there for travelling, not for a competition.
  • Third, do not stuff more than the limit. Because a stuffed bag is surely going to bug you in your journey. Moreover, have a pretty organization in your bag so that you won’t find it hard to find things. You may use plastic bags, or small handy bags for this purpose.

3) Small Necessitiesindian passport

  • Check your passport and identification cards for expiry dates. Do not rush if you’re not up with one of them. It may prove to be a bigger problem at your holiday destination.
  • Do have information regarding the Visa formalities, whether the country has Pre-Visa, Visa on arrival or No Visa Facility.
  • Grab your mobile charger, mobile, iPod, durable shoes, elastic belt and a muffler just before you leave. You never know, a muffler may prove to be too helpful for a person who has got stuck in fierce winds.

4) Safety

  • You should always consider a hotel/hostel that’s near to a railway station or airport (0.5 km radius). We all get lost and seriously, we aren’t able to recover our position. Also, do have information of where you are and where you are going.
  • Do not try to show off as it might just lead us to the doom. Have your expensive belongings tied to a string just like the old Nokia phones and tie the strings to your belt. Believe me, it helps.
  • Do not roam in places that do not require your attention or your presence. Look for only those places that need your attention. Do not get into someone’s saying that “visiting this place gives you a marvelous experience”.
  • Have a bag with which you can even run, if necessary.
  • Moreover, never leave your friends and colleagues as without them, you’re like the target of an eagle.

5) Small Little things that count

  • Have a lookout for some exasperating tourism contests that just might be waiting for you. Many students get the opportunity to travel for free on behalf of many firms and organisations.
  • Do grab some government benefits while you still can. If your parents are in the government, you can yield the opportunity to travel for free on account of the LTC scheme.
  • Also, have a laundry bag to separate dirty clothes from the clean ones.
  • Have copies of all documents that you’re carrying. If you have a bigger camera, do take the screenshots also.
  • Have an all in one¬†adapter for all your tech stuff. Carry Tech stuff which has low voltage consumption. Avoid any such thing that requires high voltage.
  • If it’s summer, grab a cap and sunglasses along with skin creams.
  • If it’s winter, you know everything. But do grab an earmuff, they’re pretty famous these days.
  • One great tip, instead of buying a travel journal, buy local postcards from each place that you visit and note down all your experiences and fun-loving activities on that postcard. It actually takes up less space.
  • In the end, do grab the blessings of the elders and when you leave, just say “I’ll be back”.

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