Travel inspiration for couch potatoes!

Movies wield great power over us. If told correctly, they can be the final linchpin that drives us to achieve something. Have you been on the edge about a travel plan you made, and need one final nudge to help you decide once and for all? Well, one of these movies might do the trick!

Into The Wild (2007)


A promising young college graduate unexpectedly abandons all his possessions and sets out on a trip to explore the deep wilderness of Alaska. There he encounters instances and people that change his life forever and shape the person he becomes. A powerful film that makes you want to leave your couch and find yourself in nature’s midst.

Wild (2014)


Cheryl Strayed finds herself in a dark place of mind as she struggles to cope with her recent divorce and the loss of her mother. Adamant to pull herself out of the trench she had fallen in, she sets out to conquer the Pacific Crest Trail, one of the country’s toughest trails. The movie will help you conquer your fears about travelling alone.

The Way (2010)

The Way Movie

Thomas Avery’s son Daniel dies in the Pyrenees, a catholic pilgrimage route, in a storm. Thomas sets out to France to retrieve his son’s body, but once there, he decides to honor his son by completing the journey while carrying his son’s ashes. The movie follows Tom’s journey as he meets people from all over the world, all traveling for a greater purpose. The movie is an emotional roller coaster and a must watch.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)


Three brothers, who haven’t met since their father’s funeral, reunite to travel through India on board a train called The Darjeeling Limited. Although traveling under the impression that it was a spiritual journey, there is actually an ulterior motive to trip that unwinds through the course of the movie. It’s funny, it’s dramatic, it’s emotional, and it’s a glimpse into the world of wonders that India has in store.

The Endless Summer (1966)


The film follows two surfers who travel the world to find the perfect wave, and during their travels they introduce more locals to the sport. Set against some gorgeous, scenic backgrounds, the film is actually a compilation of a series of footage shot by director Bruce Brown while he served in the United States Navy.

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

The Motorcycle Diaries is a biopic of Ernesto Guevara, better known as Che Guevara, the iconic guerilla commander. The film follows a young Ernesto Guevara and his friend Alberto Granado as they set out on a motorcycle journey to explore as much of South America as they can. The initial purpose of the trip is to have fun, but it adopts a somber tone as they begin to discover the lives of the poor in South America. This film is an eye opener, but also a travel inspiration as it depicts the beautiful scenery of Argentina, Peru, Columbia and more.

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