Metro to Tonga – Here are 10 Transport Experiences in India

Needless to say, transportation is a crucial aspect of a tourist experience. Let’s see some of the promising options India has to offer, when you’re travelling!

1. Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro

Functional since 2002, the Delhi Metro System serves the NCR (National Capital Region- comprising of Delhi, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad). It boasts of an eloquent service and holds the honour of being the thirteenth largest metro route in the world (in terms of length). Divided into several zones, it’s the second Indian urban mass rapid transportation system after the Kolkata Metro (the first in India, functional since 1984). A journey is sure to alter the stereotypical view of Indian commutation!

2. Calcutta Tramways

calcutta tramway

One of the few tramways that remain, the Calcutta Tramways enjoys heritage status, despite it’s inability to compete with the fast and reliable Kolkata Metro services. It enjoys the distinction of being the only tram service in India and the first electric tram in Asia (in place since 1902). Several preservation schemes later, this transport system still survives and welcomes all to taste Kolkata, the vintage style!

3. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

darjeeling toy train
Photo by Paul Williams

Also fondly called the ‘Toy Train’, the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (built between 1879-1881) has always been a favourite for Indian film industries (Barfi, anyone?). Along with the Nilgiri Mountain Railway and the Kalka-Shimla Railway, it is listed as the Mountain Railways of India World Heritage Site. One is sure to be spellbound by enchantment of the tourist trains commuting from Darjeeling to Ghum (India’s highest railway station)!

4. Konkan Railways

Konkan Railways
A glimpse of what Konkan Railway has in store!

Taste the most exotic and exquisite locations in the Western Ghats along the 738 km stretch, from Roha, Maharashtra to Thokur, Karnataka! A journey along the lush valleys, lively waterfalls and thrilling caves, complete with the rocking motion. Ah! Paradisaical sensuality at it’s epitome. A soothing experience to eyes! Expect to witness some of the most spectacular scenes in the railways!

5. Vizag- Araku Valley Railway route

Train along Eastern Ghats at Araku
Train along Eastern Ghats at Araku

This time, it’s the valleys of Eastern Ghats! Witness 57 tunnels along the journey, and a splash of lively greenery post monsoon!

6. Camel Ride, Thar Desert

Jaisalmer Camel Ride
Image Credits: Dave Bassett

A visit to the Thar Desert, Rajasthan can never be complete without a ride on the ‘ship of the desert’. Trudging along the golden sands, it’s unlikely to not feel like a member of Rajput royalty!

7. Boat ride, Backwaters, Kerala

Kerala Backwaters
Credits : Marina Di Guardo

Basically, the Kerala Backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, a labyrinthine system formed by more than 900 km of waterways; fresh water from the lakes and rivers and saline water from the Arabian sea. It’s the exotic landscape that endows you with tranquillity while you ride on the earliest form of transport developed by man! The magnanimity that the ecosystem provides, is a worthy experience. For couples, romance is on the cards!

8. Road Trip, Himalayas

Ladakh Bike Trip
Image by Prabhu Shankar

There is a scope of memorable, promising road trips offered by the Himalayan terrain, notably in places like Sikkim, Leh-Ladakh, Shimla, Manali etc. A pleasant experience is guaranteed, but more fun if you’re travelling with a group of friends. Adventure seekers can find motorbikes a viable adrenaline pumping option! For those seeking temporary recluse, solitude can also be a viable partner.

9. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels


A set of luxury trains, incorporated with the regal style. Experience a touch of the regal luxuries and ambience of the cliche Indian Maharajas of the bygone eras! Operations of the carriages range over a wide choice of places like Jodhpur, Agra, Varanasi, Udaipur etc.

10. Bullock Cart and Tonga

tonga ride
Photo by Syed Adnan Ahmed

Humble carriages pulled by bullocks and horse, respectively. The former is found in many cities like Vadodara, Kolkata etc., while the latter is available in almost any Indian village. A complete Indian experience!

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  • November 17, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    Incredible India

  • December 11, 2014 at 6:21 am

    Just incredible! I am awestruck with the amazing list of transport experiences. Hope to get a ride in tramway, toy trains someday. I have been to Kerala backwaters, it is so beautiful and one can feel at peace.


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