Travel 101 by Indian Parents

Indian parents are on a different plane of existence. They are known world over for their love and protectiveness. Since the day we come into this world, blinking and dubious, they make every attempt to ensure that we live a sheltered life, so can you imagine their plight when their kalejey ka tukda announces that he or she wants to travel and discover the world?

Be it a road trip, an official visit or a school trip, Indian parents have some truly whacky travel tips to offer. How many times have you packed a ridiculous amount of underwear because your parents were convinced you didn’t have enough? Read on to discover the staple tips you receive every time you pack your bags and head out the door:

Travel Tip_1 Travel Tip_2 Travel Tip_3 Travel Tip_4 Travel Tip_5 Travel Tip_6

Annoying as they may be sometimes, all these tips come from a good place. Indian parents, though they will vehemently deny it, are more dependent on their kids than they let on, which is why your safety is such a big concern to them. And eventually, there will be a time when you’ll be thankful for that extra pair of underwear.

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