Top Treks In Sahyadris

I love trekking! Be it in the snowy Himalayas or in the magnificent Sahyadris. Not much of a photographer, I capture most of my treks in a box of memories in my head!

Here are a top few of the many treks I have been on in the Sahyadris:

Bhimashankar Trek, Maharashtra


This trekking spot is situated in the village of Bhavagiri. Famous with trekkers as well as devotees, one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva is situated here.  The trek trails goes through dense forests, beautiful flora and fauna and lofty peaks and the entire trek can be completed in one day.

Gorakshagad Trek


Also known as Gorakhgad, the summit is located in Thane district. A one day trek, it can easily be done from both Mumbai and Pune. It is one of the twin pinnacles, Machindragad and Gorakhgad. Having a couple of rocky patches, the trek is a must do for adventure enthusiasts.

Kalsubai Trek


The highest mountain peak in Maharashtra, I had gone for the Kalsubai trek in the rainy season. The trek was a tough one! No, it did not have any rock patches, but the sheer length and height of the trek is tiring. And the metal stairs built in the mountain side can get slippery during monsoons! By the end of the trek, I had blisters on my feet!

Rajgad Trek


Located in Pune district, this trek is an exhilarating one. And the panoramic view from the top is mesmerizing. I had gone via the Nasrapur route so the climb was gradual and the difficulty level was moderate. Rajgad fort is ideal for camping.

Tikona Trek


A very easy trek, the Tikona fort can be conquered in an hour or so! The serene surroundings, the lush green valleys and the quaint fort are a must see for every trekking enthusiast. The fort is also known as Vitangad.

Sinhagad Trek, Maharashtra


Almost everybody from the city of Pune has undertaken this trek! An easy one, the entire trek can be completed in 2 hours tops! After reaching the top, don’t forget to gorge on kanda bhajji and buttermilk!

Vichitra Gad AKA Rohida


Vichitra Gad or Rohida is a fort situated around 15 kilometres from Bhor. One of the south most forts in Pune district, the best time to visit Rohida fort is during the monsoons when the entire landscape is coated in a layer of greenery.

Other treks that you just have to undertake while in the state of Maharashtra are Jivdhangad-Naneghat Trek, Purandar, Rajmachi, Vasota and the legendary Harishchandra Gad.

I undertake most of the treks with my cousins. I have also done a few treks via Yuvashakti, a Pune based company that organizes treks to various parts of the nation. Hope you liked reading my travelogue 🙂

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