Top places to try out in Chandni Chowk if you are a foodie

The first thing you notice when you are in Old Delhi is the sweet aroma of food that breathes life into the locality. Chandni Chowk and its adjacent areas are popular for the variety of street food they offer and their out-of-the-world taste. Food lovers, who restrict themselves to only the grandest hotels in New Delhi, are sure to change their idea once they visit Chandni Chowk.

Read on to find the best places for a delectable treat in Chandni Chowk.

Natraj Dahi Bhalle

To taste the world’s best Dahi Bhalle, you must visit the Natraj Dahi Bhalle shop that has been around for over 80 years. The Dahi Bhalle is a North Indian chat made by dipping vadas into a generous amount of curd. The freshness of the curd when mixed with the lentils in the vada and sprinkled with a specially made chat powder turns into the magically tasty signature dish of this shop.

natraj old delhi

Jalebis for the sweet-toothed

Old Famous Jalebi Wala located right in the middle of Chandni Chowk allures to the sense of passers-by with no effort. Jalebis are crisp flour based sweets that are soaked in sugar syrup before being served. The irresistible taste of the Jalebis is a sheer pleasure to not only the sweet-toothed.

Giani di Hatti

A must-try for all visitors in Chandni Chowk in the shop called Giani’s di Hatti which offers the best Falooda in Delhi. Giani’s, located near the Fatehpuri Masjid is filled with food lovers every other day and patrons of Giani’s also recommend badam halwa and gajar halwa from this shop.

Kake Di Hatti

The mention of Chandni Chowk usually brings a string of food recommendations from any Delhite and Kake Di Hatti is always top among the list. Known for its “kake” sized naans, the eatery is a comfortable hide-out with high-quality food. You can never leave Kake Di Hatti until you have licked every morsel of food from your hands and from the plate.

Babu Ram Paranthe Wala

Would you believe that you and your friend could have a scrumptious vegetarian meal for a little over 100 Rupees and with a wide menu to choose from? Come to Babu Ram Devi Dayal Paranthe Wala and you can pick your favourite paranthe from over a 100 varieties at the most reasonable prices.

Karim Hotel

It often surprises people to know that the best restaurant in the whole of Delhi NCR is located amidst the chaos in Chandni Chowk. Karim Hotel with its century-old history of serving the best “gosht” and rotis is a must visit for all meat lovers. The hotel has received positive reviews from several international institutions like the National Geographic, BBC as well as the Time Magazine.


Mahalaxmi Mishthan Bhandar

A trip to Chandni Chowk can never be complete without a sweet, sinful indulgence at the Mahalaxmi Bhandar. This magical sweet shop offers authentic Indian sweets made from fresh milk and ghee. The Halwa Nagori from this eatery is the best souvenir you can gift your folks back home.

Haji Tea Point

Food lovers of Delhi say that they could kill for the cardamom-flavoured halwa at Haji Tea Point. Bustling with activity throughout the day, every sweet offered at this store is a piece of pleasure coated with the most unbelievable flavours. Visit Haji Tea Point for breakfast and give your day an ecstatic start.

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