Top Cities for Solo Women Travellers in India

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In light of recent events, India is being touted as being ‘unsafe for women’. This might well be a matter of concern for a solo female tourist travelling in India, but all’s not bad with India. We face very much the same problems like any other nation. While India entertains an abundance of solo tourists, here we present some of the cities which can be ideal for a woman travelling solo in India:



Not only is the city deemed safe for women, but also is reputed for its integrity. The city is quite well developed and has several sites of interest. The Sabarmati Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi is one his major legacies and is a must visit- the highest priority on any itinerary.

Places of Interest: Sabarmati Ashram, Jama Masjid, Sabarmati Riverfront. The cityscape is resplendent with several gardens like the Law Garden etc.


Key Activities: The best time to visit is during the Navaratri celebrations which comprise of the folk dance Garba, also the two days of kite-flying festival, Uttarayan is a good time to visit and witness a plethora of colourful kites dotting the sky of the city.



Shimla is probably the most famous hill station in India. Offering the majestic snow clad mountains and a very friendly and benevolent breed of people, Shimla deserves to be on the list. Known to cater to a very large crowd of tourism, Shimla also provides safe lodgings.

Places of Interest: Town Hall, Christ Church, Viceregal Lodge, Himalayan Bird Park, Mall Road


Key Activites: The terrains often layered with snow, offer opportunities for a number of activities like ice skiing, exploring at the local mountains on treks like the Shimla-Churdhar trek, rafting at Tattapani.


sikkim yak
Go for a Yak ride!

Sikkim, another mountainous destination in the lap of the rugged Himalayas is considered a safe haven for solo women. Gangtok- the state capital offers a lot of shopping options, while the trips to Yumthang valley, Peiling etc. are as enthralling as they can be. Check out the Buddhist monasteries, Gumpfas, take treks on Dzongi- Goecha La trail.

Places of Interest: Gangtok, Yumthang Valley, Rumtek Gumpfa, Rabangla amidst a lot of other destinations dotted all around the state in the lap of Himalayas.


Key Activities: Yak ride at Tsangu Lake, mountain biking, trek- Dzongri, Goecha La



A small town in a valley in Uttarakhand, Nainital is a pleasant destination. The magnificent lake reflects the panorama and presents the quintessential lake pleasures– boating related activities.

Places of Interest: Nainital lake, Naina Devi Temple, Snow View, Naini Peak, Nainital zoo is a high altitude zoo.


Key Activities: Cable car ride to Snow View, pony rides, rock climbing and trekking, boating.


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Hailed as the Scotland of India for its uncanny resemblance to Scottish terrains, Shillong offers lucrative landscape, resplendent with waterfalls, thrilling roads and lakes. The city is very vibrant even with a low population. The native population is from tribes like Garo, Khasi and have their own culture. Like most hill destinations, Shillong is a safer place for women.

Places of Interest: Elephant Falls, Wards Lake, Shillong Peak, Golf Course

Scotland of the East!

Key Activities: Biking, trips to Mawsynram and Cherrapunji are always on the cards


women tourist in varanasi

The religious hub situated on the banks of Ganges is considered a sacred place and is a recommended place to indulge into Hindu culture and practices.

Places of Interest: Lined with several temples and ghats like Vishwanath Temple, Assi Ghat, New Vishwanath Temple, Durga Temple

Varanasi Ghat

Key Activites: Witness the Aarti as it is one grand spledour, taste the paan, lassi amidst other things.


Located in the serenity of the Himalayas and blessed with abundance of nature and local activities that form the inspiration of so many stories of Ruskin Bond. The town of Mussoorie is peaceful and brimming with several institutions set in the lap of nature. There are some beautiful waterfalls, and you can almost touch the clouds!

Places of Interest: Kempty Falls, Lake Mist, Cloud End, Nag Devta Temple.


Key Activities: Ropeway/Cable Car ride, trekking.


foreigners in mysore

Mysore showcases the splendor of its regal remains with the palaces and wonderful artifacts. It is considered a rich cultural destination rightfully earning it the nickname ‘cultural capital of South India‘. Since it is buzzing with a huge number of tourists, the city is safe to travel as a solo woman.

Places of Interest: Mysore Palace, Chamundeshwari Temple

Travel Solo in Mysore

Key Activities: The Karanji and Kukkarahalli lakes are popular recreational destinations, the festival Dussehra adds the angle of carnival. (Oh! And shopping for the famed Mysore silk is a lucrative option on the list.)


Tourists in Kolkata Celebrating!

This city is considered one of the best ones to live in, due to its low crime rates and lower expenses. Consisting of heritage sites- mostly of the British colonial era, Kolkata is a favorable place to be as a solo traveller. There’s a lot more to observe when you walk, than when you avail the commutation. Because the best thing about the city is it’s life that’s prominent on its streets.

Places of Interest: Victoria Memorial, College Street, Indian Museum, New Market.

Victoria Memorial

Key Activities: Eco Park is a newly developed recreation hub with activities mushrooming in the nature park

So, that’s some shortlisted destinations for a woman to explore in India. What are you waiting for then, just padhaaro!

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