Top 10 Iconic Ganpati Pandals in Mumbai

It’s festive time in the economic capital of India with colours all around, beating of the drums and Ganpati chants, chaotic queues outside pandals and everyone’s favourite modak – these are just a few things people love about the festival. Add to that, the creative and spectacular Ganesh Chaturthi pandals set up across the city which not only bring together people from different backgrounds but also adds a unique charm to Mumbai, a charm that is hard to find anywhere else. Every Ganpati pandal promises to be a unique experience and the liveliness that the city radiates during the festival charges you up.

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To help you prepare for the oncoming festivities, we’ve made a list of the city’s most iconic pandals that you must visit over the long weekend. Here it goes…

1) GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati (King Circle)

gsb seva mandal ganpati

Richest Ganesh Mandal in the World!!

This Ganpati mandal is the richest in the world and the Ganpati here is known as the “gold Ganpati” because of the huge(60kg) quantity of gold used to adorn the idol along with 175 kg of silver. This makes it a must visit Ganpati Pandal.

2) Lalbaugcha Raja


Mumbai’s Most Popular Ganesh Idol!!

The second Pandal on our list is the Lalbaughcha Raja which is considered the most popular Pandal in Mumbai and is the most visited pandal. Megastar Amitabh Bacchan visited the pandal yesterday. By the way, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Go and witness the vibrant atmosphere and watch the Ganpati idol at Lalbaughcha.

3) Khetwadi Lane (Gali) 11 Ganpati


The idol at this place is considered one of the most creative idols in the city. This year, the idol is half in the form of Ganesh and half in the form of his father, Lord Shiva. Do witness the extraordinary creativity of the “murtikaars”(idol-makers).

4) “Mumbaicha Raja” Lalbaug Ganesh Galli

Ganesh Galli Mandal at Lalbaug

Mumbaicha Raja is just a couple of lanes away from Lalbaugcha Raja in Ganesh Galli (Lane). They are famous for the themes they pull out each year. The 2014 “Mumbai Cha Raja” pandal is a replica of the ancient temple of Jejuri near Pune.

5) Andhericha Raja

Andhericha Raja

Andhericha Raja is yet another remarkable celebration home for Ganpati for Ganesh Chaturthi 2014. Established in 1966, this mandal also has a reputation of fulfilling wishes and is often frequented by celebrities. Like the Lalbaug Ganesh Galli, this Pandal is also known for it’s wonderful themes.

6) Chinchpokli Cha Chintamani Ganpati


This Ganesh Mandal was founded in 1920 and is among Mumbai’s oldest Ganpati Mandals; is known for one of the best Ganpati idols in the city.

7) Kamatipuracha Chintamani Ganesh


The tall Ganpati idol is seated on a horse and is considered one of the best idols in the city this year! Go and visit the Pandal and witness this unique but beautiful theme idol.

8) Tulsiwadi Cha Maharaja (Tardeo) Ganesh

Tulsiwadicha Maharaja

Established in 1939, this year is the Platinum Jubilee Year for “Tulsiwadi Cha Maharaja”. Found Ganpati idol seated on a horse unique? This idol is astride five white horses!!
It was voted the third best idol previous year.

9) Dongri Cha Raja

Dongricha Raja

Established in 199, this is the 76th year for the “DongriCha Raja” Mandal. The idol is beautifully cared out and a visit to the Pandal is a must.

10) Chandanwadi (Chira Bazaar) Ganpati

Chandanwadi (Chira Bazaar) Ganpati

The Chira Bazar (Chandanwadi) Ganesh Murti is a stunning looking Idol standing next to a tiger; and was awarded the best idol in Mumbai in 2012. Go and seek the blessings of Ganesha.

So go out there, visit the beautifully decorated pandals and seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha!

Enjoy the Ganpati festival!! 🙂 🙂

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