To-do! for a Marvelous Travel Experience

No denying the fact that there are things beyond human control. There are many factors that influence a traveler’s journey. But these factors aren’t simply the child of any endeavor that we undertake. Some of them are simple things that we’ve made a part of our lifestyle. These are the things that affect us a lot when we find ourselves in an unknown land, with a geography and culture different than ours. So let’s take a gander at some of the important points that may prove to be helpful and make a travel experience heartening.

Get close to the Nature

Do not Hesitate to ditch this Source
Do not Hesitate to ditch this…

The one who has been on the road knows it best. A traveler needs to forget about all the luxuries for good. The one who is out to travel the whole world would only enjoy the most when he would accept things as they are. The one who starts complaining while travelling will never get to enjoy even a single moment. To gain something, you’ll have to pay the price. So do not hesitate or complain in order to have a different experience. The luxuries of your hotel room are nothing compared to the beautiful world out there.

..for this! Source
…for this!

Maps and Guides

Cause not always is locating a place this simple! Source

You’d need a guide for things more than one. A map or the best smartphone app cannot help you as much as a guide can. Traveling with a local has its own charm. A local guide can help you know the place better. It’s a city you know nothing of. Having a local to guide helps in ways only a traveler knows. There’s a high possibility that sometimes ugly situations can happen. You can also make use of the Padhaaro Greeter service. So, if you are to enjoy your travel experience, make use of guides and maps.

Padhaaro Greeter
Tourists with a Padhaaro Greeter!

Less is More

Having a large, stuffed bag is probably one of the last things that a traveler would want to be seen with. Neither would this bag last long in a hotel room nor on the road. For there are people on the road you’d never want to come across. Trying not to show off, or trying not to be pathetic are some things that look too small but have a great impact in the long run.

Travel as Light as you can! Source
Travel as Light as you can!

Analyze Your Travel Cost

Calculate your Travel Cost Source
Calculate your Travel Cost

There are a lot other things that influence a travelers experience. Analyzing the costs of an expedition before hand pays off well. Also, do the maths here. Calculate your costs and multiply the estimate by 2. Because what you see is purely fictional. Until and unless you know how to carry yourself on a tight budget, cash would flow, only too sooner. So, always have extra cash, sealed in a cash capsule with you.

Be a Good Tourist

How you behave in front of the natives would largely determine whether your travel experience would be an enriching one or a depressing one. Each city is different and has its own customs and traditions. A pretty obsessed attitude can probably end up in a brawl. Being too open can have nasty consequences. Avoid the common cultural pitfalls and have a smoother experience. 

A tourist behaving badly!  Source
A tourist behaving badly!

Travelling is a process of enjoying and liberating energy. And if we go by Chemistry, the one who liberates energy is more stable.

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