How managing your time better can enhance your travel experience

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Life’s too long to travel all around the world with a hearty spirit but life’s too short to travel if you’re not managing your time efficiently and accurately.

Many travelers are not able to bring about a good journey just because they are not good managers of their time and schedule.To aid you with the same, we’ve listed below some steps that may have a direct influence upon your travel experience. Here we go:

1) Have a detailed time-table

Just like old lovely school days, the simple concept of a time-table is applicable here. Make a time table that’ll meet all your travel expectations at that place, is within the time frame and doesn’t make a mess of your journey. Here’s a format for doing the same.( This is just an example of how I rolled in Kerala) .

Date: 9th January 2015  Place: Trivandrum, Kerela

Event No. Event Approximate Start Time Approximate End Time Requirements for the journey Additional reserve Money Bookings
1 Visit Kovalam Beach 09:00 12:00 Beach clothes, food etc. $35 Return Taxi to Beach

and so on. You can make it for all the days of your journey and every destination that you visit.

2) A pinch of tech would do great

a) Use your calendars and organizers in your devices as special widgets.

b) Set up keyboard shortcuts to important apps to save time.

c) Use Evernote to keep all your ideas together.

d) Make a list of to-dos while in transit.

e) Use earphones with noise-reduction facility. (The noisy ones are just a pain and they affect your working)

f) Have proper covers for your devices, hang them up with strings and leave no possibility of losing them.

g) Do have a Kindle or a book reader that you can use while travelling.

3) Small things to be taken care of

a) Do plan for emergencies. Save time in such situations.

b) Use postcards and not journals for writing down your experience.

c) Stick with your priorities. Do not spend your energy over a petty issue or a small destination.

d) Do not look forward to schemes and other discounts in hotels. These days, hotels ask tourists to come to their hotel and listen to their scheme. You’ll surely regret such a step.

4) Relax, when you can

If you want to be highly efficient and you want to make the best of both worlds within your time frame, then rest whenever you have time. That will not only help you do other work more efficiently but also reduces load, worries and tensions which play an integral role in how you spend your journey.

5) Schedule and recheck regularly

Whenever possible, make effective use of your time. At airports, stations, stands and in leisure time at the hotel, do grab some time to update your time table, your schedules. Keep regular check on your belongings and keep your stuff organised. Unorganized luggage is the worst time eater in a journey.

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