How to spend two days in Jaisalmer?

Rajasthan is a different world in itself. The far reaching beauty of nothingness but only sand and the burning heat of the day sun is an unworldly pleasure in itself. Miles and miles of sand calls it for one of the largest deserts in India.

Lying in the lap of Rajasthan is the town of Jaisalmer which is also known as ‘The Golden City’. Located 575 km west to the state capital Jaipur, this town is a World Heritage Site. Jaisalmer stands tall on the ridge of yellowish sandstone crowned by the fort that is situated at the middle of ‘The Thar Desert’ and which also acts as the administrative headquarters of Jaisalmer District.

Taking out a couple of days from our busy schedule to explore the vibrancy and aura that this small town with a population of nearly 78000 people exhibits, wouldn’t be that bad an idea.

Image Credits: Dave Bassett
Image Credits: Dave Bassett

One of the first things to do, apart from renting a hotel room, is to take the camel ride across the stretches of vast emptiness but even before going on the safari make sure you go through some handbook on bargaining. Jaisalmer is actually quite a popular tourist destination owing to its numerous artistic structures and monuments of local importance. The medieval mud fortress and the walled township extracts sheer beauty out of the town’s desolation. Well shopping in Jaisalmer is not that a feasible idea for this town is known for great mark ups ranging from 400% to 500% on every product. In that case a couple of days in calmness spent wandering around the town and the plethora of blankness is sure to help much.

Jaisalmer offers a lot of attraction to its tourists –

The fort on which the name of the town has been kept – The Jaisalmer Fort is a must visit.

The town is very rich in Jain culture which is quite evident from the numerous temples beautifully spread over the town. To name a few – temple dedicated to the 16th century Tirthankara, Shantinath. The refracts of the Jain traditions and some of the rarest of manuscripts are carefully preserved in the libraries of Jaisalmer, which claim themselves to be the biggest in India. If the idea is to enjoy without much pain then the museums of Jaisalmer are the place to go. Desert Culture Centre and Museum, Jaisalmer Folklore Museum, Government Museum, Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum etc etc.

Gadisar Lake Image Credits: Ramnath Bhat
Gadisar Lake Image Credits: Ramnath Bhat

Jaisalmer is even a sought out destination for the people in love, their romance would find a way at the banks of the Gadsisar Lake that is a beauty to adore. Even Amar Sagar is a very good place to be in.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival | Image Credits : Anupama Kinagi
Jaisalmer Desert Festival | Image Credits : Anupama Kinagi

One of the most magnificent events of Jaisalmer, The Desert Festival makes the months of January and February the best time to be in Jaisalmer. Witnessing the performing arts like Kalbelia Dances and folk songs and music is an enriching experience in itself.

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