51 Things to do in India – Keys to a Marvellous Travel Experience

Are you looking out for some cool and misty experience across the most marvelous destinations across the globe. Do you have a longing to watch India and its components with great joy and without any obstacle. To have a divine experience, you need a divine key to open to packets of joy and happiness and unleash a full scale travel endeavor.

India, the fusion land, is mixed with hopes and joy. So, here is a mixture of things that you need to do anyhow, if you think, you want to travel India across all depths:

1) Enjoy the Culture

Haryana Cultural Dance

India is never and was never complete without it’s culture. So, wherever you go, just do not miss out on the traditional and local dances that are famous across the native lands. Garba from Gujarat, Bhangra from Punjab, Bihu from Assam or Bharatnatyam from South, each one’s opulence is worth clicking.

2) Feel the Heritage

India’s pretty obsessed with it’s heritage and architecture, so never miss out on any monument when you’re staying in India as these are the true elements of the Indian legacy.

3) Become a local

homestay india local food

India can be enjoyed only when you stay in it as a child of it’s own. Don’t behave like foreigners or people from outside. Be like the natives and enjoy the vibe as if you own it. You can also go on a greeter with padhaaro.com and experience India through a native’s eyes.

4) Enjoy the local delicacies

indian food

There’s no point in coming to India and surviving over a bunch of packed lunches and burgers. You got to taste the real delicacies for all the time that you have got and cherish each one with heart and mind fully into it.

5) Grab every blessing that you get

Golden Temple in Amritsar
Golden Temple in Amritsar

One thing no one else in the world can give is a true blessing. India is full of temples that provide serene blessings to it’s children. So don’t miss out on hitting a few of the temples and cherish the marvelous Gods of this Land.

6) Be more sophisticated

India isn’t a place for a two headed guy who does not have control over what he is doing. Try to be more organised and creative and grab all the fun that you can.

7) Missing the Beaches would be a pity

Kadmat Beach
Another routine sunset hits the Kadmat horizon | Image by Seemant Saxena

Try to grab some air out in the Indian beaches as the chance is worth taking.

8) Take inside the opulence of every festival

Image Credits: Valimax

You’ll always find a festival one day or the other running around the corner, so India is always filled with joy of some festival. Henceforth, enjoy each festival and make the best of both worlds in it.

9) Eat Out at a Dhaba

Bharwan Dhaba Amritsar
Two very famous Punjabi dhabas near Golden Temple in Amritsar | Image Credits: Abhishek Baxi

A dhaba, which is a highway or a road-side restaurant carries the true majestic taste of Indian cuisines and no one should die before hanging out at one or two.

10) Fall in love with Old Delhi

Inside of Delhi

The bedlam of happiness and hawkers come together to give a serene experience old Delhi.  Missing Chandni Chowk, the Paranthe Wali Gali and the traditional North Indian snacks would be a pity.

11) Take a gander at Wagah Border

Wagah Border Ceremony

On the outskirts of Punjab lies Wagah border which is particularly destined to promote friendship between the two middle east nations via an exotic contemplation of Beating Retreat. The ceremony is worth watching.

12) Grab a never-before bath

Ganga Aarti Haridwar
Ganga Aarti in Haridwar | Image Credits: Pete

If you visit India, the best place for a bath is none other than Haridwar. Under the kind blessings of Gods and the purity of the river Ganges, there’s perpetually nothing that can stop you from taking a big dip across the native river.

13) Get lost in Rishikesh

Yoga in Rishikesh
Photo by Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak

This is one place where everybody wants to get lost. The harmonious environment is so rejuvenating that one can literally feel his/herself close to our maker and the purity just gets onto all the body and mind.

14) Enchant the Royalty


Indian culture is superficially royal and the traditional architecture is worth giving a click. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh are particularly the places where you can hop on to some great and magnificently worked out buildings.

15) Meet the Goddess herself

Visiting Vaishno Devi is one thing you don’t want to miss anyhow. Situated on the top of an heavenly area, Vaishno Devi is a sacred place for one to come, wish and feel the holy vibe.

16) Run in the KumbhMela

Kumbh Mela Allahabad
Pilgrims Bathing In Ganges, Maha Kumbh Mela, Allahabad | Credits: Ayse Topbas

The iconic Kumbh Mela which is organised in Allahabad every 12 years is a huge august gathering in the aim of taking a holy dip in the Ganges river on the pedestals of the holy city. The carnival is really unique and should be visited by everyone, though it is highly crowded.

17) Take a peek into the history

Nalanda University
Photo by Wolfgang Fellenz

Visit the ancient town of Nalanda which has the most exquisite ruins ever seen on the face of God’s green earth. Mastered by true symbolism of excellence and creativity, these monuments are the pride of Indians and surely, this one place where you can find souvenirs too.

18) Recapitulate a life with tribals

In India, true serene and divine life is of tribals. They are a way for us to look at what we were. Spread all over India, living with tribals is encouraged all around the nation.

19) Get back to senses with The Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Tea
Photo by Tom Horton

Take a tea tour to the plantations city of Darjeeling and take a sip of the leading cup of tea around the world. The tea tour is surely going to bring back you to your senses if you feel bored.

20) A night and a boat-ride

Kerala Backwaters
Credits : Marina Di Guardo

Backwaters of Kerala is where you have to hit and grab a house boat for a night. With no one around you for the whole night, things get really exciting and a bit joyful.

21) Get wet and dance in CherraPunji

Well, who doesn’t want to dance in rain, but when it is raining 24×7, it gets really splendid and opulent.

22) Feel the nature and it’s children

Bengal Tiger in Jim Corbett
Bengal Tiger in Jim Corbett | Image Credits: Aniika

Kaziranga National Park and Jim Corbett National Park are your destinations for this. With a backdrop of 10 million species of plants, you will always find an animal you haven’t seen all your life. Discover joy and happiness in nature’s lap and with it’s children, the animals that in habitat the outskirts.

23) Get a hinge off the Mumbai Local and Kolkata’s tram


Get a biggie ride across the financial capital city of Mumbai and throughout the vintage trams of Kolkata that will surely help you feel the other side of our country.

24) Inhale some Sodium Chloride

Across the plains of Rann of Kutch, feel the salty plans, the blue moon and the exotic areas that attract travelers to this part of Gujarat. It’s a really nice place for someone who loves to discover great destinations.

25) Fly a Kite

Kite Festival India

Near about the Independence day, no one will stop you from getting your inside child out with full zeal and enthusiasm. You are allowed to rock the plains and do not forget to scream “Kai Po Che” when you cut someone else’s kite.

26) Roll in the deserts

Jaisalmer Desert Festival

India isn’t complete without it’s desert areas that inculcate camels and serene scenarios of sunsets, plus you get to have a marvelous camel ride. Well, everybody’s up for it.

27) Walk through the falls

Matheran Waterfalls
Matheran Waterfalls

It has become one of the iconic ways to enjoy in India. Rappelling across waterfalls has been one of the most exclusive things that you can do while you’re hanging out at Vihigaon.

28) Feel the Quintessence of Navratra’s

When Garba’s playing all around, and with so much of things to do in nine days of this exclusive festivity, no one likes to miss feeling the vibes of Navratra. Foods, Dance and Music become the true exasperating elements in Navratra and have a significant effect all over the world.

29) Grab some stolen stuff

Chor bazaar
Chor Bazaar | Image Credits: Daniel

Chor Bazar or famously called the market where can find your own stolen things is a market full of things that you’ll never find anywhere else. Set in the midst of the Mumbai Suburb, it’s worth a visit.

30) Hang out with some Spirits

Bhangarh Fort
Photo by Abhinav Singhai

To get a little spooky, you can catch up to Bhangarh. Set in Rajasthan, this is one place where ghosts and spirits are believed to exist in real time. So, if you’re an adventurer, this one’s up for grab.

31) Row your Snake Boat

Snake Boat Onam
Photo by Chitresh Singh

Participate in the symbolic snake boat race at the annual south Indian festival “Onam” where lakhs of participants row across super long boats to grab the finish line. Rowing the boat isn’t far from your best travel experiences.

32) Take a Peek into the Meenakshi Temple

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Far South in Madurai, Meenakshi Temple is one such place where you can witness over 33,000 sculptures carved all over the place. This is surely going to teach you a lot about what Indians used to be.

33) Witness Kathakali

Kathakali Dance Performer
Photo by Amit Rawat

This is one unusual dance form which you’ll enjoy with great zeal. The characters, the dress and the backdrop, all combine to give away the most serene amalgamation of joy.

34) Do the titanic Pose on the Rim of India

At the tip of Nicobar Islands lies Indira Point where you can fee yourself ahead of every single human on earth. With nothing but crores of litres of water ahead of us, the feeling is absolutely crazy.

35) Uncover the Magic of Ayurveda

One of the most prized possessions of India is the medicine industry of Ayurveda which has ignited a whole lot of lives and is one of the most magical ways of curing diseases. Ayurveda shall surely be one thing, you’d like to take back home.

36) Get Jailed Up

Take a sneaky peek into the iconic Kala Pani Jail and witness the heroic tales of our independence fighters and uncover their glory.

37) Ride a Bullock

Bullock Ride
Photo by Rahul Kumar

One of the most cheesy things to do is to ride a bullock. To get on it is tough, but to ride is highly joyful. You can enjoy the up and down motion of the tummy of the bullock while you can enjoy some scenery.

38) Don’t forget to say Kabaddi

kabaddi in Punjab
Photo by Manreet Dhaliwal

The most obsessed Indian sport, Kabaddi, is one thing that you should surely do without any hesitation. Get soiled up and dirty as you discover this great sport.

39) Hit a Six in the streets

Street Cricket India
Photo by Leo Herbert

In India, street cricket is one thing where you build your own rules. So, grab a wooden stick and don’t forget to tick.

40) Trek but don’t break a leg


You surely got to go for some exclusive trekking on the slopes of Himalayas. Enjoy the village life, the scenarios, the magnificence of nature and true vibe of clean air.

41) Cycle on a Hero

Cycling through the Indian streets is like winning an Olympic title. The most enjoying experience that will surely help you get some muscles is this one.

42) Discover Underwater Opulence

Scubadiving at Bangaram Island (Lakshadweep)

Breakout into the most exquisite areas of this world. Go underwater for some scuba diving and don’t forget to get a fish for yourself.

43) Hit Coorg, the Indian Scotland

coorg hills
Image Credits: Gopu P

You don’t need to take a world tour. Come across to India and places like Khajjiar and Coorg are surely going to take your breath away.

44) Climb on to some Yaks

Ladakh is where you’ll have to climb on to some hearty Yaks and get a good ride for yourself. The ride is comfortably pleasing and you won’t fall unless you yourself decide to have some fun.

45) Doodle in the Toy train

Matheran Toy Train
Toy Train in Matheran

Still running in gauges of Himachal Pradesh,the toy train is the most exclusive things, one can ride on in his life. The best thing about this train is it’s size and it’s cartoonish theme.

46) Get divine at Dharamsala

Buddhist Monks in Dharamsala
Photo by Monica Weller

One of the highest cities and truly a divine place to be in, the area is full of Buddhist architecture and great artworks.

47) Get soaked in Mehendi

Mehendi Design
Photo by Pavan Gupta

This Indian tattoo is one thing, that you should always get while hanging out in India. It helps you feel more closer to the nation and mixes you up in the crowd.

48) Cheer at the Rural Olympics

Indian villagers compete in a bullock cart race during the Kila Raipur Sports festival, also known as the Rural Olympics in Ludhiana, 03 February 2007.  First taking place in 1933 the Kila Raipur Sports Festival, or Rural Olympics as it is popularly known, takes place over a three day period during which competitors enter various rural sports events including equestrian events, bullock cart races and shows of strength.

The Punjab Rural Olympics is where you have to hit and grab the exasperating scenery of the mind-boggling games that are organised.

49) Act like Shahrukh Khan in Maratha Mandir

There’s no better place then Maratha Mandir and there’s no better movie than DDLJ to experience together. As you witness the movie, your inner SRK is surely to come out.

50)  Do some Skiing at Gulmarg

Skiing in Gulmarg

Gulmarg + Skiing = Never Before Experience. The white snow and a great wind gives a great experience to travellers.

51) Drive Across the Golden Quadrilateral

The best way to experience India is to drive along the natural connections between the four hearts of India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Experience the fun, the joy, the vibes, the feel and the never before experience here in India. You can make your own keys to open the locks of great and happy travel. Discover true magnificence of India and it’s components as this is one place, where you’ll find everything.

Featured Image by Nick Kenrick

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