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Just one of these evenings, as me and my roommate were sharing the stories of our vacations (I had been to Nepal, and he had been to Sikkim), I came to learn the opportunities that await in Sikkim, which boosted my urge to visit this place in Himalayas. Even after already having back-to-back rendezvous with the Himalayas, the charm of the mountains never cease to entice me.

From what I learnt, I would like to share a rough list of the opportunities that present themselves in Sikkim. Why rough? Well, I believe there might be endless possibilities varying upon perceptions! Meanwhile, let’s take a peek at what we’ve got!

The Yumthang Valley
The Yumthang Valley

Maneuvering the Terrains…

Above the clouds! Such sights could await you at the  treks!
Above the clouds! Such sights could await you at the treks!

The rugged terrains of Sikkim offers some very challenging treks like Goercha La-Dzongri trek amongst many others. Since the land of Sikkim is traversed by the different ranges of Himalayas, you an find a wide variety oif treks to suit your tastes. You can contact the trekking agencies, which are in plenty, owing to the numerous options available.

Party with a Campfire!

Campfire in Sikkim
Photo by ayan_mukh1

Places like Lachung offer you a jolly campfire, in its freezing temperatures. Bring out your guitars, beers and the party animal in you! Before you know it, the chill gives away to a warmth. The feel good of the total scenario would be memory for a lifetime.

Y for Yak, Go for a yak ride

Yak ride at Tsangu Lake, Sikkim
Yak ride at Tsangu Lake, Sikkim

Rides on these furry creatures are available at the Tsangu Lake. When you’re sitting on the back of a galloping yak, it’s likely to feel like a cowboy in a fantasia world, as the calm lake among the snow clad mountains doesn’t quite make up for a backdrop of Texas.

Delve into Thukpa, Momo and Soupy Noodles

Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup, usually served with meat.
Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup, usually served with meat. | Photo by Niladri Nath

Go for local cuisines which comprise a culinary treat of delicious thukpas, steamy momos, and slurpy soupy noodles. The hot ingredients would make up for the chill! Apart from that, a cup of ‘chai’ (tea) prepared using yak’s milk might be worth a try!

Road Trips

The thrill of snaking roads in Sikkim
The thrill of snaking roads in Sikkim

Needless to say, the landscape of Sikkim promises vast opportunities for navigation. The snaking roads, the rugged terrain and the blissful silence create the ideal scenario for undertaking road trips. A suggestion- plan along with friends, hire a car and brace yourselves for an amazing time with friends. Memories for life!

Interact with the inhabitants!

Cute Children in Sikkim
Cute Children in Sikkim

The Sikkimese population is mixed- comprising of Nepalese, Lepchas, Bhutias, Tibetans and migrant Indians from few other states. It is the least populated state in India and are a magnificent bunch of people- friendly and homely, they won’t let you feel alienated! Everyone has tales to tell, and are merry a breed! You might expect to carry back some merry memories back home.

Witness the Cultural Programmes

Traditional Dance of Sikkim
Photo by dhillan chandramowli

You can find several cultural programmes scheduled during your visit. Traditional Gumpa dances are performed during the Buddhist festivals, and many other celebrations can also be witnessed according to your time of visit in the year. Hindu festivals of Dussehra and Diwali are celebrated during October-November.

The Magnificence of Monasteries

Ranka Monastary near Gangtok, Sikkim
Ranka Monastary near Gangtok, Sikkim | Photo by Swetha Srinath

Several monasteries placed across the land demand visit, prepared to amaze you with impressive tapestries and scrolls.

Splendid spectrum of flora and fauna

Owing to its topography and altitudinal gradation, Sikkim has a wide variety or orchids, temperate, alpine and tundra vegetation. If you’re interested in botany, the forests demand exploration. You will find treks and tracks through forests lined with species of rhododendron.

Get clicked in a traditional attire!

Many shops offer traditional dresses, available for hire. You can borrow them at a nominal rate and get clicked in some cool snaps to take back home as a testimony of your memorable visit!

Where there is snow, games are go!

What awaits you in Sikkim
What awaits you in Sikkim

The terrains are interspersed with snow and ice, which create arenas for fun filled romping in the white! From packing snowballs to skidding on the ice, before you realize, the snow would be in your boots! (Frost bite isn’t a pleasant experience, as I have been told. But nevertheless…)

So, that’s pretty much to fill your bucket list! Could I expect you to come up with some more to fill the bucket? Why hesitate then! Padhaaro into Sikkim!

[PS: Don’t be too surprised if you find another list appended to this at the end of this year! Listening to this guy’s experience, I’m eager to visit the land at the first chance I get!]

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