Things to Do on the Orange Day

Well, that’s a topic to debate upon with full enthusiasm and zeal. Female Up-liftment, as we call it , is one of the heartiest movements that has been gaining pace all around the nation of India. People have been fighting over this topic for many a moon and in the same effort, The United Nations came up with an exasperating movement by the name of Orange Day.

The movement has gained an exquisite audience all over the world. The movement commenced on the 25th November 2013 in an attempt to raise many issues that are concerned with female respect and honor. One every 25th, an orange day was to be celebrated with different themes for each month. Here’s a quick roll at the last year’s schedule and how it went about:-

Orange Day Themes for 2014

25 November – Orange YOUR Neighbourhood

25 October – Ensuring safe public spaces with and for women and girls

25 September – Engaging artists in efforts to end violence against women and girls

25 August – Eliminating violence against the girl child 25 July – Addressing violence against women and girls in the informal economy

25 June – Engaging sport communities and addressing violence against women and girls in sport

25 May – Working with the corporate sector to end violence against women and girls

25 April – End conflict-related sexual violence against women and girls

25 March – End female genital mutilation

25 February – Ending violence against women and girls must be part of new development framework

25 January – Access to justice for survivors

The movement proved to be successful specially across the Middle East and the United Nations. People came up with full support to brighten the life’s of females.

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How to Roll on Orange Day

This year’s first Orange Day falls on this Sunday, the 25th January 2015. It’s a day to bring about the true spirit in females and let their wings grow to the fullest. It’s a time when you (females) can bring your feeling out and you can tell the world that “You are better than anyone else and yes, you are to be respected”.

This time, the theme is to aid the survivors of evil practices and problems that the females have gone through. And so, here’s a surprise for the female readers:-

Let’s enchant some cities which become iridescent on such occasions of female respect and where females can make the best of both worlds.

1) Nainital, Uttarakhand:- Indeed, this is one place where you can grow your wings to the fullest and you can have the time of your life. Nainital offers a great deal of safety and liberty for females and is a great place to be in at such times.

2) Shillong:- Running in the midst of serene and marvelous valleys where the winds seem to kiss our cheeks, Shillong offers a great vibe of respect for females as there is no female discrimination here and females can roam here all day long without any help. It’s a really beautiful place for females to be in.

3) Jaisalmer:- Situated in “Maro Desh”, Jaisalmer is one such place where females feel like home. It’s a place of extensive serenity where females can live up to the fullest and can enjoy their time with utmost joy and zeal.

4) Pondicherry:- The foreign feel of Pondicherry offers a really extensive opportunity for females to discover their abilities and it lets them feel a sense of security as well as courage so as to do wonders in their life.

5) Mysore:- There’s no such place better than Mysore for females. It’s a hearty amalgamation of everything that a female needs, this is respect, honor and appreciation for her hard-work. The people here are full of female respect and one doesn’t find any element of disrespect here.

But my main motto here is to make my reader aware of what I think and what I want everyone to do. As a gender equality activist, I have laid out some serene steps for you to witness and follow in order to succeed in your life. Here’s a quick drive:-

1) Respect and honor Females:- Be it any situation, if you cannot respect a female, you cannot be called a human. And certainly, we all have to abide by this rule in our lives.

2) Make an effort:- Try to help females this Sunday. Come out of your homes and try to make a contribution to this movement.

a) Visit a survivor’s home and help her sort out her problems.

b) Bring out a small rally with your female friends and make people aware of this movement.

c) Bring about a change by making posters on this issue and highlighting the importance of female respect.

3) Visit an Orphange and contribute to the betterment of a female child’s future:- You can visit any orphanage in and around India and you can contribute any amount of money as for the welfare of females.

4) Organise an expedition to special places:-  Visit any place that’s popular for female respect. You can visit Kerala which is known specially for the way it respects it’s females. Soak in yourself, that extraordinary vibe of female respect and let it spread through your surroundings and your family.

5) Whenever you travel, respect females:- That’s a proven thought that if you want to carry out a marvelous expedition, then you must respect females and should seek their blessings every moment of your life.

You can join my movement and you can express your thoughts on the social media with the hash tag #powerofthefemales or #caretakersofhumanity .

In the end, be safe, be smart and respect females.

“If you cannot respect a female, you cannot be called a Human”.  –  Sohit Miglani

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