Things Your Bags Must Contain When You Are Visiting India

India is very much popular among travellers because one can get a good amount of adventure, spirituality, rich history, vast size, cheap cost of travel and so many options of transportation. But due to the heat, humid, pollution (because it’s hugely populated) you may get confused about what to pack and what not. So here, like always, we are providing you some useful information.

First thing that you need to distinguish before you pack your bags is what time you are coming to India and for how long and your reasons to travel India.

Image Credits: Telegraph
Image Credits: Telegraph

You don’t need to worry about clothes much because you would find markets everywhere. So if you are running out of clothes, you can always pick one when you are in a city or town. Just take the essentials. If you are invited in a party here, don’t bother to bring a party wear. The women here are very fond of helping people with buying saree, salwar or kurta-Payjama (national dress).  And apart from that heart-warming welcome, you need to pack other things.

This is a developing country with conservative dress standards; so when you pack your clothes keep in mind that clothes here should not reveal much of your shoulders and legs along with the other parts of your body. Wearing shorts should be avoided but its okay if you are visiting a beach. Indians are not that back-dated. They have modernised in their own way.

Packing your medicines is another essential thing. Medicines like vitamin C tablet or standard painkillers are easily available but the problem arises for your special medications. You have to find out the contents and pharmacists who manufacture them so keeping your necessary medicines with you is necessary.

Personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, moisturiser, mosquito repellent, condoms razors and sanitary napkins should be taken along. It’s not that you can’t get them in India but your brand may not be available here. Sunscreen, socks, shades etc are important things to carry with because of the temperature of India.

If your plans are to see the main cities only, you can travel with as many luggages as you want but of course you can’t roam about with them always, so keep them in the hotel or a safe place and travel light. But if you want to see the whole country you should travel light. And most importantly you should pack 1 flip-flop, 1 running or jogging shoes etc but whatever shoe you pack it should be sturdy.

You can be carefree about money here as credit cards are widely accepted in major cities. ATM machines can also be found in most places, including in small towns. The entrance fee at many tourist sites can be paid in US dollars if you have the exact change, so do carry some US currency with you in small denominations. Indian currency is highly regulated can’t be purchased outside India, so it’s also a good idea to carry some currency that you can exchange for Indian rupees when you arrive at the airport in India. Watch out for being robbed or getting your money stolen or taken because as you are a foreigner you will be charged everywhere three times more than the usual so keep your game face on when you are buying something from the normal market where the price is not written on your purchase.

Image Credits: Ashtanga4Life
Image Credits: Ashtanga4Life

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Other useful items are earplugs, anti bacterial hand-wipes, torch or flashlights, toilet paper, a comfortable pair of walking shoes etc. If you wish to use any electronic devices from the United States, you’ll need a voltage converter and plug adaptor. People coming from countries with 230V currency, such as Australia and the UK, only require a plug adaptor for their appliances.

If you think India is hot and you don’t need your jackets here, then I must conclude that India can be freezing too. Once you are in the northern territory of India (Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, uttarakhand, Sikkim etc.) you are going to need your jackets.

You are going to need a travel guide when you are travelling here, not only here but everywhere if you opt not to take a guide.

For anymore assistance you can always hit us up.

Happy journey. 🙂

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