Take a Walk down Mumbai’s Food Streets

Known as the melting pot of India, Mumbai’s street food is as interesting and diverse as its people. As food represents the unique culture and lifestyle of a city, you can explore Mumbai’s culture by sampling its lip-smacking street food.

Vada Pav

Mumbai is synonymous with Vada Pav. A good place to start is the iconic Ashok Vada Pav stall in Prabhadevi. Legend has it that the owner Ashok Thakur created this snack in the 1970s. Sink your teeth into the crunchy potato cutlets pressed between fresh buns and flavorful chutneys.

Pav Bhaji

Prepared with mashed vegetables blended with spices, Pav Bhaji is served with pavs. An absolute favorite of celebrities and locals is Sardar’s pav bhaji at Tardeo. The owner Sardar Ahmed decided to sell pav bhaji in the 1960s because he wanted to serve fresh food at an affordable price to the poor mill workers.

Chicken Tikka Rolls

Bademiya, situated in Colaba Causeway offers a delicious spread of street food to non-vegetarians. In a city that never sleeps, here you can grab a late-night snack as it stays open till 3 AM! What better a way to end the day than by devouring the famous chicken tikka rolls with succulent pieces of meat wrapped in soft rumali roti?

Bun Maska and Mawa Samosa

A visit to Mumbai is incomplete without visiting the rare Irani bakeries. For an unforgettable Iranian breakfast, head down to the famous century-old B Merwan at Grant Road. Try the legendary mawa cakes, bun maska with tea, and flaky mawa samosa, which are on every foodie’s list


You would find some of the best kebabs in the country being served at the most unassuming streets of Mumbai. A small food joint nestled in the deep corners of Byculla is Sarvi. Food lovers say that when you pass by Sarvi, the seekh kebabs being grilled there would call your name.


Dosa, a popular South Indian dish gets a special twist once it enters Mumbai. You would come across a gamut of fusion dosas like Paneer Tikka or Chinese Dosa that are not only amusing but also quite delicious. If you wish to taste these fusion dosas then the menu of Anand Dosa stall in Bandra won’t disappoint you.

White Biryani

You must have eaten a lot of biryanis, but never a white biryani that Noor Mohamaddi Hotel at Bhendi Bazaar serves. Rich and tasty with subtle flavours minus any overpowering spices, it is a unique dish that you must try at least once.

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