With LOVE in midst, Here’s a list! Street Shopping in Mumbai

Of all the love, there’s one that every woman understands, love (of women) for street shopping. Shopping on the streets can be quite a rewarding experience – the cries of vendors to check out their wares, the hard to strike deals, the heavy tolerance and perseverance for bargaining, customers talking over each other and the prevailing final word on the item bought. The colors and crowd (and price) catch our fancy – you’re sure you can never only buy ‘a thing or two’ when you take to the streets for shopping.


Accessories at Mumbai market
Go the Indian way at Bhuleshwar | Image Credits Tasneem F.

If you want to jazz your outfit the Indian way, with the host of accessories they sell here, Bhuleshwar market would be the place for you. They also stock saris (five to nine yards dress drape) and religious wares. Apart from the shopping, this area is a cultural experience in itself starting from its name (Bhule – to get lost, Eshwar – God)!

Sari at Market in Mumbai
Saris at Bhuleshwar | Image Credits Tasneem F.

Colaba Causeway

Accessories at Colaba Causeway
Accessories at Causeway | Image Credits Taherali J.

The mention of this place in a shopping article would be inevitable. Causeway has become synonymous for shopping as khau gallis have become for food. From books to clothes, bags to shoes, accessories to antiques, Colaba Causeway is the wonderland of every Alice (foreigner or local) – shopaholic, that is!

Fashion Street

Fashion Street
Fashion Street | Image Credits Taherali J.

The street opposite the Bombay Gymkhana, starting after the Metro cinema, on the outer periphery of the Cross Maidan is quite famous as ‘the’ hangout for street shoppers with a bountiful of shops (Wikipedia lists the number as 385) selling colorful paraphernalia of clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.

Mangaldas Market, Kalbadevi, near Crawford Market

Market Mumbai
Shopping at Mangaldas Market | Image Credits Tasneem F.

The effervescent textile market (in and out) near Crawford Market, is also home to street wares being sold in lanes surrounding it. You will find a variety of things to take home here – clothes, footwear, utility items, gift articles etcetera.

L.T. Marg, Crawford Market

Street Shop Mumbai
L.T. Marg, Crawford Market | Image Credits Tasneem F.

 The road right across the Crawford Market is also emerging as a shopping destination with stalls selling clothes, shoes, bags, some antique items, and jewelry among other accessories. Throngs of people are usually directed here after picking up essentials at Crawford Market.

Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazar Mumbai
Vintage touch at Chor Bazaar | Image Credits Source

The ‘flea’ market would be alluring to the seekers of antique and vintage from junk. The bylanes of the Bhendi Bazar in Mumbai house this shopping centre. You’ll thank your stars for striking a deal in this market. An allude to Chor Bazaar should also include the famous Jumma Bazaar – the special one which opens only on Friday before the crack of dawn selling a host of items ranging from clothes, electronics, accessories, toys, footwear – you name it and you shall find it in Jumma Bazaar.

Grant Road

Grant Road
Street shops at Grant Road | Image Credits Tasneem F.

This area also has a cluster of street shops where you’ll find traditional wear, dressy shoes and accessories at knockdown prices.

Happy bargaining!

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