“Storm Festival” brings up a Storm

Well, that’s quite true that the “Storm Festival” is really making out a storm in this era and is rocking the stage. You must be thinking, this is another Dance festival and it isn’t possible for us to attend it. But believe me, it’s the most awe-strucking Music Festival in the world. It’s an environment themed festival filled with large cups of opulence and great scenarios.

Started 2 years ago by Liquid Space Entertainment, Storm has gained quite an audience all over the globe and with it’s exclusive theme on the go, who’s to say, it’s boring. It’s the first ever dance endeavor that brings up an amalgamation of music, wanderlust, adventure, camping and environment friendly theme.

In 2012, a list of top notch DJs along with great and authentic musicians came up to give the 44,836 likers, an experience like never before. They mixed up Indie Rock, Pop and Rock, Romance, Drama and Action into the abyss to give away the most serene music ever heard. It ran across the summer of 2012 and was  headlined by American Metal band Lamb Of God. In 2013, it gained immense popularity and achieved the peak of it’s following.

Now, it was back in 2014 and it was back with a bang. It banged the floor at Stormfields, Corporate Leisure City, Gonighattapura village, Sarjapura Hobli, Anekal Taluk, Karnataka, India just 30 kms from M G Road. It’s an absolutely green place with an environment so lovely that you’d certainly die even before the festival starts.(#scarythought). Moreover, the list of Bands that landed to the Indian soil for your entertainment was a smashing list.

Storm Festival Bangalore
Credits : Subhramani Sathyanarayan

It had many artists on the first and second day. Here’s a glimpse.

  • Aabha Hanjura – SUFISTICATION
  • Adit Achaiah
  • Avial
  • Dance Republic
  • Eddie Halliwell
  • Filterheadz
  • lesle lewis Feat. GenXM
  • Mynta
  • Nawed khan
  • Papon and the east india company
  • Pragnya Wakhlu
  • Raagalicious
  • Sekhar
  • Sparsh
  • Swarathma
  • Thermal and a Quarter Feat. Ravi Kulur
  • Tuhin
  • Vasudha Sharma
  • Vishnu

On the next day, another party landed to spill the beans. Here they are.

  • Ankur Tewari
  • Anthony Dassan Yen Party
  • Ash roy
  • Aurko
  • Danny Rampling
  • Indiva
  • Kid Creme
  • Nash
  • Pearl
  • the Raghu Dixit Project
  • Rock veda
  • sam
  • Sanjay Dutta
  • Shankar Mahadevan feat. Shankar Tucker
  • Solder
  • Susheela Raman Feat. Kutle Khan
  • Swing
  • Tetseo sisters

Storm is more of a competition where it’s your fun but the delight of others. The winners are announced in the end and are given a hearty prize. Go, see for yourself.

Bad luck, it passed away 7 months ago. But what’s the worry. Storm 2015 is about to be announced and there’s a lot more to be discovered. Rush out on stormfestivalindia.com and see for yourself, its “Out of the World” Theme.

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