How to spend a day in Delhi in less than 100 dollars?

New Delhi, the capital of India, has long been the seat of empires and is one of the greatest cities in the world. From the Sultanate rulers to the Great Mughal emperors, this grand city has been the home to some of the great rulers this world has ever seen. The grand historic monuments in the Old Delhi, while the modern marvels of the 21st century built in the New Delhi, are in sharp contrast with each other and are witness of both the ancient as well modern times.

Tourists from all over the world visit this historic city and is on the top of their itinerary; their trip starting and ending with Delhi. Delhi, though a city imbibed with rich, glorious history and culture; is contrastingly cheaper to stay, eat and move around to visit places.

You can spend a day in this historic city in even less than $ 100 !

It may come as a surprise to many foreign tourists but Delhi, and in fact most places in India fall under the category of low budget destinations. However, the sightseeing experience and the mouth watering cuisine is hard to find anywhere else.

Explore exciting local tours and experiences in Delhi

How to reach?

Delhi is well connected to all parts of the world through the IGI Airport. If you have landed in any other part of India, and are planning to visit Delhi, there are regular trains running from all parts of the country on a daily basis. The train fares will depend on the city you are travelling from, but is quite low, as compared to the trains fares around the world.


You can find all types of accommodation in New Delhi, ranging from the budget hotels to the five star ones. Budget hotels are dirt cheap; both in terms of accommodation and food. The food and lodging would cost you around $8-10 per head in budget hotels. However, the food at times is not of good quality, so you may not try to push your luck! Dining at a proper restaurant would be at about $6-10 per head, and also depends on the dishes you have ordered. The non- vegetarian food is a bit costlier than its veg counterpart.

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Overall, you can easily spend your day with around $30 on accommodation and food, which would includes around two proper meals and snacks.

Places to Visit

Red Fort- Stretching over 2 km, Red Fort is the most historic monument in New Delhi and was built in 1638 by Shah Jahan, the great Mughal emperor. The entry fee for foreign tourists is INR 250, which is just a little over $4. The Red Fort remains open from 9 A.M to 6 P.M except on Mondays. The Red Fort is close to the Chandni Chowk area, where you can pay a visit to the Jama Masjid and also relish some Aaloo ke parathe in the Parathe Wali Gali.

Jama Masjid- The biggest and grandest mosque in India, Jama Masjid is another beautiful creation of Mughal architecture. It remains closed during prayers and after sunset. Ladies are not allowed inside the mosque unless they are appropriately dressed, covering their shoulders, head and legs. The attire is available at the place and can be bought. There is no entry fee but a fee of INR 300 is levied if you want to take your camera inside the mosque premises.

Chandni Chowk- Located in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is a very chaotic and crumbling place, and you might want to run away from this place when you see it at the first instance. However, you would soon fall in love with chaos and the delicious street food in the area. You can try the ‘Aaloo ke Parathe’ or the famous ‘kebabs’ or ‘Biryani’ at Karim’s, which is famous for the Mughal cuisines. The life at Chandni Chowk is on an entirely different level altogether, and you would definitely love this place.

Traverse through the narrow lanes of charming Old Delhi

There are quite other places to visit as well, such as the Humayun’s Tomb, Lodhi Gardens, Qutub Minar, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Jantar Mantar and India Gate; to name a few of the glorious monuments in Delhi. You can spend an entire week exploring this lovely city and you won’t feel tired.

Travel costs

The best way to travel in the city is by the Delhi Metro, which charges quite low fares. You can get a tourist card made for INR 250, which is just over $4. This tourist card can be used for unlimited journey for three days, via the Delhi Metro.

delhi metro travel card
Delhi Metro Travel Card

Alternatively, you can catch a bus to travel to various tourist hotspots, and the bus fare is quite low as well. Thus, you can stay, have good food and visit the famous tourist hotspots in less than even $50! So, do plan a trip to Delhi and explore this historic place, staying for atleast a week.

Happy Travelling! 🙂 🙂

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