A Solo Traveler’s Checklist

Serious love for travelling cannot wait for the approval of office leave of probably fellow travelers. Sometimes it’s best to take trips alone. The silence on the top of mountain peeks or the gushing water sounds at the depth of a valley should not be disturbed by chit-chat (the click of a camera is still acceptable though). For those of you strongly support traveling alone, I include a must-have-items list in this article.

Also, by the end of this article I hope those of you scared of taking trips alone can tick enough things on the list to start packing.

Solo Traveler’s Checklist:

√ GPS – Google Maps : being alone is not as scary as being lost. I would have suggested maps if this was the 19th century.

√ Portable Charger : another one of technology’s boons. Keep it charged, stay ready. Don’t make the rookie mistake of forgetting to keep the chord.

√ Sanitizer/Tissues : You never know where your hands have been. Worse – you never know what other organism has been where your hands have been too. Falling sick on your solo trip is the biggest speed bump you can encounter.

√ Fanny Pack/Sling Bag : I know Fanny packs are a big no-no but safety and convenience is of primal importance while traveling alone. It’s not advisable to leave your luggage unattended but in case you have to for a short while, keep your valuables in the fanny pack you can easily carry around.

√ Bottle for water : Instead of stopping to buy water and disposing a million plastic bottles, keep a tumbler that you can re-fill at cafes or restaurants where you stop to eat. Let’s travel responsibly, shall we?

√ Packet of crisps and chocolates : Not all travel places have amazing food or to be quite frank, edible food. In case such a situation arises, do not let your energy drop and grab a quick chocolate bar or some biscuits and chips till you can stop for a better meal.

√ Earphones/ Novels : Pick your poison from the two. They prove to be better companions than most people.

√ A travel guide : If you’re alone you’ll have plenty of time to explore the place without having to comply to other people’s whims and fancies. So do keep that travel guide handy.

√ Camera and maybe a scrapbook for recording your special moments. Yes, I ripped off the idea from the billion travel movies I must have watched.

√ Torch/ Candles and matches : You never know what your trip holds in store for you. Maybe you’ll go camping or maybe into the woods or maybe trek through the night to watch the sunset over the mountain tops. Once click of a torch – “Let there be light”.

Some moments are just for yourself. Some memories should just be yours. Besides, alone trips are the best way of discovering who you really are.

Take a print of this and start ticking!√

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