Shop, Shop till you drop: Top Markets of Kolkata

Amongst other attractions, Kolkata has its fair share of markets to cater to its cosmopolitan crowd. From street hawkers, vendors on the pavements to the permanent shops, a wide variety of items are vying for your attention. Here we present some of the marketing hotspots we scouted for you to check in, when you visit Kolkata.

New Market

new market

The area around the S.S. Hogg Market, Lindsay Street came to be known as New Market after the common name for the labyrinthine Victorian-Gothic shopping arcade. The entire region is a large extravagant bazaar with street peddlers selling items ranging from books to fashion, food to playthings- almost any commodity imaginable. The emporiums on the façade of the Oberoi Grand Hotel display an attractive range of curios. The main building of the S.S. Hogg market is a labyrinthine network of shops, along with the shops in the premises offering Indian clothes to shop from. Some shops of sweet treats, dry fruits also exist to lure the taste buds. Oh! And as for culinary, there are lot of options in the eateries- from confectioneries to Indian, Moghlai foods, from street foods to cafés– it presents a gastronomic delight to choose from.

Gariahat Market

Gariahat street market | Evil Reporter Click
Gariahat street market | Evil Reporter Chick

The pavement might have been crowded by hawker and vendors, but that only adds to range of clothing found at Gariahat region. Apart from clothing, ethnic jewellery shops also are always crowded with women enthusiastically checking out sets of lockets, earrings etc. Clothing is recommended to be brought from the permanent shops as they’re unlikely to compromise on quality even though the vendors on pavement might offer lucrative deals.

Dakshinapan Market Complex


This is a place in Dhakuria, not too far from the Gariahat Market area and is a place to go for it houses a number of state hand-loom and handicraft emporiums from across different states over India. Also, there are abundant food options available in and around the complex, including street foods.



The Burrabazar market area would enjoy legendary stature if there were ever to be a league of markets. For most Kolkatans, it is and will be a favorite shopping haven for events and celebrations. If there’s a wedding, there is bound to be ample trips to Burrabazar! If you are looking for Sarees or jeweleries, Burrabazar is a recommended place.

State-of-the-Art Shopping Malls

kolkata mall

The following shopping malls have attracted the attention of Kolkatans with their gigantic structures, impressive architectures and abundant options for shopping and leisure. Check them out if you’re in a hurry and prefer all options at a go.

South City Mall

south city

The largest mall in Kolkata, this has some of the best fashion stores in addition to the large food court on the top floor, with several restaurants like Sarson, Flame and Grill which offer excellent Indian delicacies.

Mani Square Mall

mani mall

In addition to the garment stores, several food stalls and cafe’s to rejuvenate after a tired shopping spree. Check out the amusement arcades of Haunted Hotel and other horror experiences on the top floor.

City Centre 1 & 2 Malls

city centre

These malls are unique in the context that they infuse some heritage elements into the modern style architecture.

Quest Mall

quest mall

The luxury mall is an excellent arcade resplendent with architecture.

So, that’s our list of arcades you could hit for shopping at Kolkata.

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