Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

Travelling solo is always an enthralling experience. It means living life on own terms. It always venture to new experiences and adventures. Safety has always been a concern for women when it comes to solo traveling. It is true that being a woman one has to face dangerous situations while traveling alone, which do no affect men to the same degree. But that shouldn’t let any woman to keep herself away from the joys of traveling. Therefore, to avoid bad experiences and have a safe trip, here are few tips every female solo traveler must keep in mind for her solo expeditions.

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√ Do not share private information like your accommodation with strangers. You might end up having a stalker in a foreign land. Give vague but polite answers to throw them off.

√ Avoid night journeys. If you have to reach a destination, make sure it is before noon.

√ Stay in public. Find other solo travelers or travel groups. Or best, find a local greeter through Padhaaro. This way you will not only stay safe but you will also make new friends.

√ Use public transport. Avoid private transports as possible as you can, especially after dark. Opt for female cabs if absolutely necessary. If you have to use private taxis, note down the license number of the taxi.

√ Always keep one of your family members in loop about your whereabouts. Update them time to time on where you are going so that they are well informed about you.

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√ If you feel someone is following you, fake a call to someone about meeting them there. This will give a clear message to the suspected person.

√ Always keep a digital copy of your important documents and ID. In case you lose your documents, you can always access them online.

√ Travel light when you are sightseeing. Do not keep enough cash with you. Also, don’t stash your cash at one place.

√ Keep a pepper spray in your bag. Or a pocket Swiss knife. It is a very important tool that comes handy in emergency situations.

√ Dress sober and like a local. This will help you avoid unwanted attention.

√ Learn few sentences in local language like asking for direction, food or so that you can ask for help.

√ Stay aware of your surroundings. Learn some landmarks around the place where you are staying so that even if you are lost, you can find your way back. Do not walk around with earphones plugged. It will help you stay alert.

√ Note down the Women Helpline Number and other important helplines to use in case of emergencies.

√ Have a travel first aid kit in your travel pouch for emergency situations.

√ Trust your intuition. Always. If something doesn’t feel right, walk right away.

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