Romantic vacations in India

Life is pretty crazy and hectic. So much that we forget to connect with our loved ones. The question is how do you bring those sparks of love and passion in romance back in your life? Valentine’s day, popping the question, anniversaries or honeymoon? Even the most avid and zealous lovers can make use of some romantic inspiration.

Whether you’re on your honeymoon or on a romantic getaway, here are a few most romantic idylls in India to give you the ultimate romantic vacations in India, perfect for loved-up couples.

Right from the great Himalayan mountain treats to the palaces of the former Maharajas; from the idyllic backwaters and hill stations of Western Ghats to the virgin beaches of still exotic Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands and from the romance of rail aboard world’s most luxurious trains to wilderness camps, we bring to you the ultimate romantic vacation ideas in India.

Rediscover the passion by getting away to any one of  these romantic hot spots of India.


romantic getaway kerala backwaters

According to the latest styles in luxury travel, cruise will dominate the connoisseurs of luxury and excitement associated with love ofcourse. As per the wikipedia definition,  a cruise ship or cruise liner is a passenger ship used for pleasure voyages, where the voyage itself and the ship’s amenities are a part of the experience.

The definition itself is a hint as to why cruise ships are favored by couples. Imagine sipping wine and soaking in the tranquil Backwaters of Kerala. Sail into the sunset and rediscover romance swathed in brackish lagoons and gentle melody of water beneath the star spangled sky.

If  this really inspires you, then go ahead and enjoy the serene lakes and canals and the surrounding lushness of picturesque backwaters and lush rice fields which conjures up some magical moments of warmth and closeness.

Boathouse inside view



Thanks to the entry of the Maharajas’  Express, luxury trains have become the hot topics in India. Deccan Odyssey and Golden Chariot are also in the league not to forget the Palace on Wheels!

For one they are majestic , provide privacy and make you feel special literally like royalty! For another, these trains bring in the romance of the obsolete era of travelling. In unhurried luxury, you tend to savor every single moment of royalty, dissipation and romance.

In the Maharajas Express, the Presidential suite provides 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, 1 equipped with bath tub, and even suites have attached washroom with bathtubs which is indeed a Vanity Affair!!


Dinner on the beach

Beaches have always charmed lovers, couples and also families! The sun, sand and siesta of beaches are the perfect map for romance.

In addition to this cocktail, 1 part frolic in the sand, 2 parts of water adventure and remaining part, the privacy of your accommodation. Do you still reckon it could get more romantic? Okay! I’ve only just begun.

How about that romantic candlelight dinner under the starry sky? Or how about watching the huge ball of light down the distant horizon with sky painted reds and golds and yellows and you with your arms wrapped around your partner? I know. Who wouldn’t want that?!

goa beach

The beaches of Goa have always welcomed couples and now the beaches of Andaman are getting hotter and hotter with the flocking tourists. Need I say more. This is also a very romantic idea of vacation.


Picture 511

One of the most preferred way of having a vacation which is romantic yet revitalizing and discovering the universe of relaxation and ofcourse laziness, is in the hills of India.

Shimla is all about romance! The breathtaking views and the tranquil hill hideaways, all this just screams love and romance.

There are a few luxury hotels which are situated on the hills to feel the elevation. The outdoor jacuzzis not only provide privacy but also peace and serenity. There are horse rides, ice skating, rafting, scenic trails and promenades along the mall road suffused with colonial charm. Himachal Pradesh is replete with nature’s bounties.

Wildflower Hall-Shimla-in-the-Himalayas

Also, Coorg in Karnataka and Ananda in the Himalayas also provide great vacation places for couples and honeymooners!

Well, these are basically few of the places which are highly recommended to bring back the love in you and also great memories!!

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