A Roll into The Sunburn Festival in Goa

There’s nothing better than dancing in the sun with the heat imbibing an exquisite sunburn on our faces. And with Asia’s largest dance party on the go, we have nothing to worry about. Yes, it’s true. For all the tourists who have the tendency to break up their bodies and dance till they die, we’ve got a perfect place for you to go and a perfect festival for you to enjoy.

The Sunburn festival in Goa is hosted by Percept, an entertainment firm which organises this amalgamation of Music, Entertainment, Food and Shopping on the Candolim Beach of the state of Goa.

Candolim Beach
Candolim Beach| Image Credits: James Morris via Flickr

The event is open to everyone who has the courage to keep dancing till their bones crack and till the lights go out. The festival has been held annually since 2007 and ever since ’07, the festival’s gained an exclusive popularity all over the world. And this is one of the finest and greatest dance festivals that is held in the native land of India. There’s a witty line of artists that perform each year on the stage of Sunburn and rock the dance floor. It’s not only an enjoyment or an entertainment event, it’s a mix of all types of humans who come together to make the best of both worlds and show the world that neither science nor fiction can break or stop us from dancing.

Sunburn Festival
Sunburn Festival| via Wikipedia

The hearty spirit that arises out of this spite is truly magnificent and no one goes sad from here. You’ll always hear people saying- “I had the time of my life” or “I’m going to come next year, truly exciting experience” and there’s a long list of tweets or comments that follow. The catch is that you’ve gotta get out and have an exasperating sunburn. And believe me, you’ll never forget this sunburn.

Sunburn Stage
Sunburn Festival Stage| Image Credits: Anindo Ghosh

Tweets from Surburn festival official account:

Next up, we also have an interesting event that goes about in the same state. The event has a quintessential name of “The SuperSonic“. Held in the outskirts of Candolim only, the festival’s got a unique theme and an interestingly great audience. Undertaken by the famous music channel “VH1” , the festival’s a really super-duper party in the abyss of entertainment and fun.

Let’s take a peek into the inside of the event. Just an year ago, Viacom 18 thought of an event like no other and this great mind type thought led to the birth of SuperSonic which was organised on a four-day basis. It was a smash hit as for more than half a hundred thousand people emerged on the scene and led the party to become a blockbuster.

It’s accompanied by tippy top artists from the lap of Hollywood and some real masters from the shadow of Bollywood. The A-list for this year has got Paul Van Dyk and The ChainSmokers a place. This year, the last 5 days before we say a hearty goodbye to 2014 will be filled with the magic of SuperSonic. It’ll be running from 27th to the 30th of December and will be smashing many records as for the youth’s going crazy about it.

Here’s the catch, if you’ve got free time, book a month in Goa as for the these two rock parties are waiting for you. What’s the need to think ? Rush.

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