14 Reasons to travel India in your 20’s

The geographical diversity in the Indian peninsula is perhaps another reason for us to rejoice, not only because many other countries do not have the same, but also because we have a wide variety of options when we plan trips!

Especially the college going youth..

1. No responsibilities


Traveling when you are in your 20’s feels like you are your own boss. No responsibilities except of your own and full independence. No kids, no debts to take care of.

2. See how incredible India actually is

India has a lot to explore and the spirit of fun doubles when you are in your 20’s. Call it an expedition to check India’s credibility!

3. Check out the unity in diversity


Being a secular state but staying united is a great deal that we all are living together as equals. When you travel, you will know our togetherness.

4. To curb the travel hunger

unexplored places

For all the explorers, yes travelling India will keep you full, always!
Not only the hunger to travel, but also our fellow Indians who won’t let you starve! 🙂

5. To know the real meaning of fun


Fun does not come from all nice and quite places you see. Take a desi tour to India and your meaning to real fun will change. From colorful and loud festivals to serene sites; you have a lot to witness in your youth.

6. To try all the adventure sports- no need to go abroad!

Rafting in Rishikesh

Dear people who love adventure sports and love discovering themselves in the middle of no where, well you have it all here. Bungee jumping, banana rides and paragliding are no more unknown here, good news- you can spend quality time with yourself too. A perfect mix and match of adventure time + peaceful time.

7. To explore the nook and corners where nobody has been

unexplored beauty

The topographical diversity gives all the freedom to explore any place (required that it is not against the law), pack up and explore any place that you have in your wishlist! Head with a group or go solo, all you need is to make your 20’s worth.

8. Write about it

write about travel

People who love to travel generally are the ones who love to write as well. You in your 20’s? Start exploring India! Do not just write about your trip to the loo! 😛

9. For great selfies

india selfie

Ohh common! This is not a crazy point! Most of the youth is self obsessed and our selfies say it all and travelling Incredible India is like the best option to click selfies with plants, animals, historical locations, statues, tribes, shops, shopkeepers, shop items…pheww! I know you will capture it all. 😛

10. Try variety food in the real flavour

No more of these.

food gif

Now coming to my another favorite topic, food is food!
You know! Take a trip across India and try the real flavor of the food your mom has been cooking for you all those 20 years! Taste the real Pav Bhaji in the chat street of Mumbai, multi flavoured Gol Gappe/Paani Puri in Punjab, Sambhar Dosa in all of the South I guess; and many similar examples.

11. Plan a cheap budget and be proud of it

cheap travel

When we are still studying and not earning, we tend to have a small budget. The fun part is like – A Goa trip for 5 days 7,000 per head in an off-season. 😛 You will be proud of the little budget you plan and fun with experience and adventure is guaranteed!

12. Deeper conversations with yourself

travel journey

travel journey importance

In this journey that you take, life lessons are assured. These lessons will come handy in any possible way. What is important are the little talks you have with yourself which will let you grow in your space.

13. Not get jealous looking at your friends’ facebook feed or pictures

jealousy gif

Why in the world will you be jealous when you will have a whole lot of pictures and news feed to publish on social networks? Do not forget to add “#Donotbejealous” everytime you post something new 😛

14. You will never be in better health

best health travel

Apart from planning the budget of the trip and feeling proud, making people jealous of your facebook feed and all the other essentials; there is another reason to be happy. Your health! Yes that feeling of relief and joy inside when you are back from the trip, nothing better. #respect

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