The Quintessence and Crux of Travel Books

When you’re planning to travel in India, the best information guide for you is none other than a travel guide book. India is home to millions of writers and each day, every single great mind combines with exquisite thoughts to give out truly exasperating books about travelling in India and it’s components. The essence of these books is hidden in the fact that they are completely user friendly and are written according to a traveler’s need and knowledge.

The crux of these books is that they aren’t simply hole drillers in our pockets but are worth the money that we spend on them and after all, we’d give anything to make our travel truly memorable.

So, here’s what we get from the quintessence of these books :

a) They provide virtual knowledge about a place and the destinations within itself that cannot be missed at any cost.

b) They make us savvy with the current state of the nation and the place and which places are dangerous or not good for travelers.

c) Many books provide us with a map which can prove to be really useful when we’re literally there at that place.

d) Such books also provide information about where to eat, where to stay, where to shop-o-doodle and how to go about the journey.

e) Another interesting fact about these books is that they are completely based on one’s need and aren’t stuffed with useless advertisements.

Now, if we’re finished with the things that they provide, let’s check out the really cool ones that are available in the market and one may add them as their list of favourites if they are nominated in the #bookbucketchallenege.

So, here we roll with the top 5 travel books:-

Behind the Beautiful Forevers

1) Standing first is a book written by Katherine Boo and has been heartily named “Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity“.This book can actually change your thoughts about India and is like a perfect conversation between you and the author.

2) Our next ranker is “A Passage to India” by E.M Forster.This vintage novel undermines India under the British rule and can make anyone come to India within a matter of time. It’s actually not a travel book but has the inner delicacy to roll over someone’s mind.

3) After a long survey, a book that was ranked very high was “The Lonely Planet Travel Guide” which is in itself a complete compendium to the Indian Tourism Industry.

Lonely planet India

4)  Another loving guide is the “Fiona Caulfield’s Love Travel Guides“. The love guides are suited to discerning travelers, who are interested in everything hip and happening, with insightful local knowledge and a personal touch.

5) At the end, we have a sizzler book called “City of Djinns” written by William Dalrymple and transverses the inner bound finesse of the capital city of Delhi.

At last, you have to read the book. If you’re not a reader, you can check out the really cool virtual videos available on youtube or any other site. After all, you should know everything about your destination as we have to make our memories last forever.

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