Punjab Da Tadka!!

According to my own survey among my own friends, I have seen that 90% of the people are big foodies. You must have seen it among your friends too, can’t recollect when?

Let me remind you, the time when your lunch box is empty as the food inside it disappears as soon as it is open. I know you have similar stories of vanishing food with you. Obviously! Indians have a good taste of food, that’s what I think. The spices used in our food flirts with the taste buds and you end up with a watery mouth.

Think of anything, paneer butter masala (my personal favorite), butter chicken for the non-vegetarians, dal makhni, idli sambhar, dosa and I should stop because my list of foods won’t end.

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People say Punjabis have a great taste of food, I say that is absolutely correct! There was this friend I had back in Jalandhar and her Mom prepared the right food. Just like my taste buds wanted. We all love the food that our moms cook, but Punjabi kitchens are going to be a boon for you if you have a food bug and craving for spices. Who says spices are not good for health? They are actually, if taken in the right amount they also help in cutting the fat. I’m not really sure I just read it somewhere but it said something like that.

Two very famous Punjabi dhabas near Golden Temple in Amritsar | Image Credits: Abhishek Baxi
Two very famous Punjabi dhabas near Golden Temple in Amritsar | Image Credits: Abhishek Baxi

Well I was talking about food, and I wanted to say whether it’s Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Patiala or any other place in Punjab you shall treat yourself with the best kind of Indian food. Moreover Punjabis have a variety starting with Lassi, Chhole Bhature, Pav Bhaji, Dal Makhni and not to forget the ‘Sarso da saag with makke di roti’. Trust me every person who visits Punjab should definitely definitely and definitely get a dose of the Punjabi Tadka!

Sarson da Saag Makke di Roti
Sarson da Saag Makke di Roti

A heavy breakfast of Aloo da Parantha with Lassi, The Saag will make your tummy happy during the lunch and you won’t regret licking your fingers with Dal Makhni for dinner. A yummylicious package, I can bet on it! Can you?

Here’s a list of places that can be of great help to you-

What list are you waiting for? Just step into any restaurant/dhaba and I assure you a yummy-tummy time with your near ones.

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