Planning For an Adventure in India solo? Great Thought!

Okay. Travelers it’s been a lot about food and health. Let’s talk about some serious issues like traveling alone here in India. The best way to know a place is through the locals. When you travel alone in a new country, you always turn to some friend who belongs to that place, don’t you?  So right here, helps you to connect with people and make friends in lands that are totally strange to you. These locals are highly qualified individuals who can be anyone from a student to someone who works with corporate to a housewife to a retired person to a dancer to a college professor. And feel safe in his/her company even when you are doing a solo India trip.

Image Credits: FloraTheExplorer
Image Credits: FloraTheExplorer

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It can be a real adventure to travel in India even if you are alone. Every country and culture has its own view about how an individual should behave. Be it a man or woman. India is a country of social conservatism and hence it has some views about how a woman should behave in public. So make sure where you are going, your appearance and behavior is acceptable in that culture and state. Here are some suggestions which can keep you safe when travelling alone.

Look smart and confident in your appearance: Even if you are not confident don’t hesitate to ask someone confidently. A GPS system always helps you to reach your destinations. If you are a woman, try asking a woman. Always keep a plan B ready.

Do not travel alone at night: Pay a little bit of extra money and take a first class train if you have to travel at night. Always keep a cell phone with you. If you take a cab, text the taxi number to someone and make sure the driver sees that or talk to someone over the phone as if someone knows your whereabouts.

Do not talk to strangers: Don’t give any personal information to a stranger or don’t take anything from a stranger.

Love your wallet: Always keep an eye on your wallet. Keep your money in different parts like some in your wallet, some in your pocket and some in your side bag so that if any unfortunate incident happens you can get through that.

Do not be alone: If you are woman, choose to sit beside women and children and if you feel that you are in a corner with a man or if you feel uncomfortable to sit beside a man, just request for a seat change or go straight to where there are women around.

Watch how the middle class Indians travel: Learn how the middle class Indian travels, you will surely get a know how to travel safely.

Travel light: Don’t carry lots of luggage. You will need to handle them alone. So a backpack and a trolley bag are fine. Do not carry much jewellery and cash.

Watch what you wear: It’s always better to blend in than to flash out of the crowd by what you wear. Don’t wear anything that attracts too much attention. It’s better to look around to see what the other local people are wearing though you will always get some attention for your skin colour. If you are a woman, draping a scarf around your neck is a good way to escape all the unwanted attention as Indians are strict about the conservative dress code.

Image Credits: CNN Travel
Image Credits: CNN Travel

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These are some important basic things you need to keep in your mind when you travel alone. You can happily enjoy the colours, the spices, the heat and everything else in India if you just keep your eyes open. Go for an adventure but make sure you know about that place and like I said before talking to a local helps. If you need any other assistance, contact us.

Happy journey travelers!

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