A Peek into the Safety of Indian Tourism

India, regarded as one of the biggest tourism destinations and a place which provides a truly enriching experience in these days of liberty and fraternity has a side which no one really looks up to. A factor we all need to consider while giving a thought to plan a tour around the delicacies of modern India is security and safety of the tourists.

We all know to what shape, India has evolved in the past few years and that doesn’t seem to change when we take an insider to the daily news. Increasing amount of crimes specially the ones that can literally make some embarrassed is the biggest drawback when it comes to promoting India as a great travel destination. Even if we are planning to go about cities which aren’t much of danger, still there’s a hitch in the mind about the integrity of one’s family and this might change the opinion of the traveler to visit India.

Another factor to consider is the population and the crowd. There isn’t one tourist who would simply complete his/her journey without getting into or experiencing a fight before their eyes. With so much of mingled thoughts, extravagant behavior and plenty of mild annoyances and challenges ranging from unsafe food to petty scams, all thrown into the mix together, it has become a part of a journey across our lands.

But, there isn’t always the negative side that dominates. There are many travelers who have described their experiences as truly exasperating  and filled with opulence and there is really a face that no ever sees.

Between the crowd, there are many people who serve to the tourists without any selfish need or negative tasks. Many of them were mentioned and felicitated under the campaign of “Atithi Devo Bhava“, whose brand ambassador is Aamir Khan. The campaign took forward the message of treating a tourist as a true God and serving him so as to provide them with an experience truly magnificent.

Another organisation working for the welfare of the tourists and the promotion of Indian Tourism is “Incredible India” which extends support to whole of our majestic India and creates awareness about the maintenance and keeping of the Indian Monuments.

Incredible India
Incredible India: A Tourism Promotion Organisation

When it comes to safety , there are a few points you must consider before stepping onto the land of Incredibility.

First up, it is always advisable not to eat food from the strangers/unknown people. It’s safe in public places. But do not walk alone in the night in darker places where there is less crowd. Generally, it is a risky thing if a few bad people are there. Try to avoid walking in the night in the dark places where there is no crowd. Public places are much safer for all tourists.

Safety of Foreign Tourists: A Great Concern
Safety of Foreign Tourists: A Great Concern

Also, are you a solo female traveler? Then it is the most important travel tip for you. Most of us try to behave as much friendly as possible with all persons, but it may be risky if you are travelling solo as a female in India. It doesn’t mean you should not talk with strangers. It is just that you should avoid friendly behavior with strangers/ unknown people.

Well, that’s all with today’s lesson 😛 Sure, you had great information there. Share it with everybody and make India a safer place to live in.

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