How not to offend people in India?

Tourism in India is not just enthralling but something you just can’t miss out on, they say. But then they also say that Indian people are the easiest to piss off.

It may happen that on your first day in India you wish to take a bus ride and you didn’t bother to check your stacked wallet for change.When the ticket collector asks you for the fare and if you end up producing a 100 rupee note or a 500 then you know your mood for the day is spoiled by the man collecting the fare. So always before taking any public transport in India just make sure that you’re in a position to pay the fare in the nearest change possible.

Don’t be too nagging

While on the go, if you’re stuck with directions or need a place to get some tea, ask help from any passerby but try not to ask him the same thing twice even if he is not understandable. Ask the next person available. Answering a question twice pissess off Indians like anything. But then otherwise there would always be people who’ll be rude for no reasons at all so just ignore them.

Don’t judge anyone by his diet


Then at the stroke of noon your starving belly might take you somewhere or the other where you may find an Indian family eating the food meant for 4 families, funny right? But don’t comment in public or you will end up making them furious. No! Not your fault anyway it’s just that we Indians live our life king size and food comes as an integral part of that king sized life. Diet is something betrayed by fate in front of our appetite.

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Not commenting about Cricket or Marriage

cricket is religion in india
Source: Business Insider

Cricket and Marriage are the opium in India. Comment on them and your trip is spoilt. Men marry a woman but live in with cricket, well it happens only in India.

Being familiar with Bollywood

Bollywood Meme

Bollywood becomes our staple diet so the time you come to India make sure you know about Sholay and DDLJ, no! Not the full form but ‘DDLJ’.

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