NH7 Weekender is on the go!!!

For all the fun guys and the rollers, the NH7 Weekender has been announced for this year. All the Indie rock dwellers should hold their breath as for the biggest metal singers have made it to the line up of this year’s sequel. And for all the rock fans, you’ll have to hold your breaths as for this year’s event, it will roll through out the entire nation hitting Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune running across the month of Gods that is November.

For all those who don’t know about NH7 Weekender, it’s a big rock and pop music festival that is annually held by Bacardi Music and has maintained it’s legacy since 2010. Being one of the biggest festivals in the family of Indie Rock, it attracts a hearty number of pop fans from across the globe.  It’s glory always starts at it’s birth place in Bangalore. After that, it rides towards the North Pole covering Pune, Kolkata and culminates finally at The capital city of Delhi.

Not only, the event’s more enriching but it is a great combo of exclusive music with an immense environment and a great legacy. Not only that, the event’s also popular across the borders and is really famous in many  states of The USA.

This year’s NH7 Weekender line up is a smashing one as for the line up is really interesting. A fusion of American, solo, Indie pop, Rock and Indian native bands have come up to break the dance floor on the NH7 day.  Indian artists like “Amit Trivedi” and “Ankur and the Ghalat Family” have their name imbibed in the list. Furthermore, we have rockers like “DJ sa”, “Dj Skip”, “Dualist Inquiry Band”, “Jon Hopkins”, “Money for Hope”, “MuteMath”, “Soulmate”, “The Supersonics” and “Undying Inc.” who will be spilling the beans across the stage.

Performance at NH7 Weekender 2013
Performance at NH7 Weekender 2013 Pune| Image Credits: Anil Wadghule via Flickr

NH7 Weekender Dates

The festival will start with exclusive reality and a truly extravagant schedule on 1st November at Kolkata and will be rolling uptill the next day. Then, the fusion hits Bangalore on 8th November. Next up, Pune will be the hotspot for not two but three days from the 21st to the 23rd of November. The event ends up with the close of November in Delhi.

There’s nothing more to think, grab an iPod to gather all the fusions. Also, grab your hearts as the breath takers are on their way.

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