Mysore, The City of the Wodeyars

My first visit  to Mysore was way back in the 1950’s with my parents. We had traveled in a rickety old Ford bus from Mananthavady, a bordering Kerala town in Wayanad district to Mysore, to see the Dussehra.

My memories of the journey are a continuous stretch of  bamboo and virgin  forests all the way. An occasional herd of spotted deers ambling across the road, the ever present monkeys, and the odd mother elephant and her cub. I remember seeing the Maharaja  Wodeyar sitting atop his caparisoned elephant and ambling along the main road, greeting his prajas, in front of  his palace, with a retinue of soldiers, horses and music playing bands following him. The illuminated Mysore palace looked heavenly.

Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace

At  that  time I would never have guessed, that fifty years hence, I will have some close associations with people of  Mysore, providing security to some of their Institutions .

Mysore is indeed a Maharaja’s city, with the Mysore Palace in the centre, and all roads leading to it.

It has salubrious climate, not too much population, though people from all over India work there in Software companies, Government Research centers, and a host of  educational institutions.

A landmark of Mysore is the famous Brindavan gardens in front of the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam on the Cauvery River. Their sound and light show is not to be missed.

Brindavan Gardens
Brindavan Gardens

A must visit is the Chamundi Hills Temple, and the Ranganathittu Bird sanctuary. Go a little more towards Bangalore , and you come across the Town of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatnam. Tipu is truly a patriot and great warrior who fought against the British Imperialism. He died a hero’s death on the battlefield.

Mysore is the base from where you climb to hill stations like Madikeri in Coorg, Ooty via  Bandipur and Mudumalai wild life sanctuary. It is well connected by road and rail to Bangalore, Calicut, Coimbatore and Mangalore.

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